World’s first stairlift for overweight dogs

Dog stairlift Rex

A warning about obesity in dogs has seen the design of the world’s first dog stairlift.

According to a shock report, one in three dogs of the 8.3 million canines in the United Kingdom are now obese.

So a device that can transport portly pooches up stairs has been unveiled.

Based on a conventional stair lift, the ‘Stair of the Dog 2022′ concept has been in development for six months and has a number of high tech modifications that make it dog friendly.

As well as a comfy basket for pets to sit in during the stair elevation stage, it features an electronic retractable platform – activated by a paw recognition button – to take said dog from floor to basket level.

The prototype has been created by MORE TH>N pet insurance, who warn that if obesity levels continue to rise at the current rate, over half of all pooches will be severely overweight (52 per cent) by 2022.

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With a pinch salt

Salt art WEnn

Japanese artist Motoi Yamamoto creates incredibly intricate mazes made entirely out of salt.

Currently showing at the Hakone Open-Air Museum in Kanagawa, Japan is one of his newest works entitled ‘Forest of Beyond.’

The story about why Yamamoto started down this path is a sad and tragic one. He was a third-year student at the Kanazawa College of Art in 1996 when his younger sister died aged 24 – two years after being diagnosed with brain cancer. To ease his grief and to honour her memory, he started working on these installations.

Salt has a special place in the death rituals of Japan, and is often handed out to people at the end of funerals so they can sprinkle it on themselves to ward off evil.

Since 2001, he’s been creating these amazing floor installations by filling a plastic bottle, usually used for machine oil, with white salt and then sprinkling it on the floor.

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Ed “Crazy” Balls…..

Shadow chancellor Ed Balls is to run the London marathon. The MP for Morley and Outwood told the Guardian Open Weekend he had been bounced into running the 26-mile-and-285-yard course on 22 April by the disabled children’s charity Whizz-Kidz and has been training in Regent’s Park.

Balls said he had been at a charity event for Whizz-Kidz 18 months ago when the head of the charity told the audience that the 45-year-old MP had agreed to do the marathon. “It was total news to me,” said Balls.

He said he is hoping “just to finish” and has so far completed 18 miles in three hours 45 minutes in training runs.

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Football team smash scoring record

Goal /Rex

A Sunday league team have bagged a new record after hammering their local rivals 58-0 – the biggest defeat in British football history.

Wheel Power FC smashed Nova 2010 FC in the Torbay Sunday League clash in Torquay, Devon.

It was 5-0 after five minutes and 20-0 by half time before the league leaders netted a further 38 strikes, reports The Sun.

Brothers Robbie and Stuart Bowker scored 28 times between them, with Robbie bagging 18 of those.

The scoreline beats the previous record, Cornish side Illogan’s 55-0 thrashing of Madron FC in November 2010.

Nova arrived for the match last Sunday at Wheel Power’s ground with just five players but managed to get a team of nine together to face their ten-man opponents.

The winning side’s player/manager Andy Woodward, who scored just once, added: “The referee’s biro went blunt after a while.

“It was a bit embarrassing but fair play to the other team for carrying on – they were really sporting.

“The result will certainly help at the end of the season if it goes down to goal difference.”

Nova’s Lewis Parker, 60, said: “A lot of the players didn’t turn up so we expected to lose but not by that much.”

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Inventor creates steam punk corkscrew

Corkscrew /Rex

An inventor has come up with an unlikely success – a half tonne ‘steam punk’ corkscrew that sells for £100,000.

Rob Higgs, 36, created the complex machine out of 300 pieces of metal he salvaged from scrapyards, skips and dumps.

The steam punk-themed invention uncorks wine glasses and pours the drink straight into a glass by using a hand operated crank.

A design company saw some potential in the 10ft tall invention and commissioned Mr Higgs to make 25 of the machines out of brass.

He was inspired as a child by items in his grandfather’s workshop and has spent much of his life creating engineering art in the form of eccentric and often useless devices.

“I don’t really design my work in the standard way. I never have it all in my head. It’s an organic evolution. The corkscrew just grew and grew,” he said.

“I kept on going and saying ‘it could do this and that’. I just kept adding bits and making fantastical features.

“You just keep going by putting things together and seeing if it works.”

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Free as in Beer…Gratis versus Libre

Gratis in English is a colloquialism adopted from the various Romance and Germanic languages, ultimately descending from the plural ablative and dative form of the first-declension noun grātia in Latin. It means “free of charge”, “at zero price”, “free”, in the sense that some good or service is supplied without payment, even though it may have value.

Libre in English is adopted from the various Romance languages, ultimately descending from the Latin word lībere; its origin is closely related to liberty. It denotes “the state of being free”, as in “liberty” or “having freedom”. The Oxford English Dictionary (OED) considers libre to be obsolete, but the word has come back into limited use. Unlike gratis, libre appears in few English dictionaries, although there is no other English single-word adjective signifying “liberty” exclusively, without also meaning “at no monetary cost”.

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The Inside Cut

Football Coaching Clinics for Young Japanese Players

Classic Coerver Coaching change of direction move, the inside cut. Perfected & demonstrated everytime Xavi plays for Barcelona.

via :

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Kinky & Quirky Events: April 2012

Spring is springing, bunnies are jumping, tassles are twirling, hearts are thumping – there’s going to be bumping…. and grinding, of course! April’s K&Q is a week earlier than usual and but jam packed with fun as always!

Polly Goes Boom is a cheeky, creative dancer who t…wists traditional and contemporary movements into eye-catching, energised routines that capture her audience.

Lena Mae first performed at K&Q in 2009 and now also runs her own very successful event The Hundred Watt Club. With an eye for detail, her routines & costumes are inventive, classy & most importantly, fun!

Coco Deville’s theatrical concepts, dynamic dancing and unique concepts have made her one of the most distinctive and entertaining performers on the scene. This established performer is competing in London in May 2012 at The World Burlesque Games for the title of Best British Female so we are excited to have her.

At our Exeter shows Equador the Wizard brought the house down – twice – Torquay you have been very good and we shall reward you with dance, magic and naked wizardry

Kinky & Quirky is an extremely busy night with top class tunes for you to dance to including rockin’ garage, surf, blues, mambo, rock ‘n’ roll, retro sleaze and cool cheese. The joint is always jumping so book early to get a table and tickets, we nearly always sell out in advance.

We also usually have a very limited number of VIP front row tickets at £10.00 –

The Rainbow Hotel offers fantastic deals to stay overnight.

The event is strictly over 18’s only and tickets can only bought in advance for £8.00 – door price is £10.00. Please note nearly all of our shows in 2011 and so far in 2012 sold out in advance – booking early is seriously advised!

The doors open at 8.00pm with the proceedings starting after 9.000pm – a fabulous night for a dressed-up retro lovin’ crowd.


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Nature is Wiggly as Alan said…

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mother’s long skirt – a poem by lili han

suggested by aniie & remora

in the season of the rainbow©papa osmubal

mother used a pair of scissors
to cut a long skirt
abandoned by her daughter
she was making it for herself
the waist line was cut lower
the skirt’s hem was loosened an inch
before the mirror
still a long skirt for her
she complained about fat around the waist
busy looking for a coat to go with it
her daughter suggested a plain shirt
to match the skirt
she didn’t accept couldn’t understand
why the girls at the age of flowers
would like black, grey, white – plain tones
she had to wear
when she was young
because at that time
there were no other choices

finally, she chose a pink shirt
turned a full circle before the mirror
in the skirt with small blue-white flowers
as if her youth were back


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