Politicians want men to pee sitting down

Toilet /Ext

Politicans in Sweden are calling for new rules to ban men from urinating while standing up.

The local Left Party on the Sormland County Council wants men to sit down to pee in council toilets.

The socialist and feminist party claims that seated urination is more hygienic for men, reports The Local newspaper.

They say it decreases the likelihood of puddles and is better for men’s health by more effectively emptying the bladder.

However, at least one expert, John Gamel, a professor at the University of Louisville, disagrees.

“Men scatter urine not so much during the actual urination as during the ‘shaking off’ that follows,” he said.

“As a result, forcing men to sit while emptying their bladders will serve little purpose, since no man wants to shake himself off while remaining seated on the toilet.”


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Breweries of the United States Map

Breweries of the United States Map

Give your beer-loving friends something to gawk at the next time they’re over by hanging this Breweries of the United States Map on your home pub wall. Featuring over 1,000 breweries — from the smallest craft houses to giant, InBev-owned beasts — it measures in at over seven square feet and features breakout circles for brewing hotbeds like New York, Boston, Denver, and Seattle.

by Arthur Furrowfield + Dr Vince

Old People Officially Not Smelly

The older you get the less you stink

According to research published in the online science journal PLoS One, old people do not smell as bad as young or middle-aged people.

The paper, The Smell of Age: Perception and Discrimination of Body Odors of Different Ages, reports an experiment in which people of different ages were asked to sleep in the same T-shirt for five nights with additional pads under the armpits.

The pads were then removed and put into jars to be sniffed by volunteer subjects.

According to lead researcher Dr Johan Lundstrom, the results showed that “young guys are stinky, middle-aged guys are even more stinky, and when they got old it goes away.”

via: http://www.wakkipedia.com/newsitem/161/old-people-officially-not-smelly/

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Public toilets must only have two flies: Extraordinary order from Chinese bureaucrats

Public lavatories in Beijing must contain no more than two flies per stall, according to a bizarre new directive issued to washroom attendants.

The two-fly limit is one of a series of measures aimed at improving toilets in the Chinese capital.

The Beijing Municipal Commission of City Administration and Environment issued the rule as a ‘new standard for public toilet management.’


Xie Guomin, the official in charge of the initiative, said that the two-fly rule was not compulsory, but was a new benchmark to improve the Chinese capital’s notoriously unpleasant public restrooms.

‘We will not actually count fly numbers. The regulation is specific and quantified, but the inspection methodology will be flexible,’ Guomin said.

The new regulations are similar to the ones in place during the 2008 Summer Olympics when Beijing mandated rules on discarded items and rules on accessibility.

There has been a marked improvement in toilet cleanliness in Beijing in recent years.

The new regulations set forth aim to improve those public restrooms that are still unsatisfactory, and also to educate the public on clean bathroom habits.
Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2148796/Beijing-sets-flies-rule-public-lavatories.html#ixzz1vjBnYJBa

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Sex Toys Stolen In Raid On Happy Bunny Mail Order Company

Police are hard on the case after sex toys worth £11,000 were burglars who raided a mail order company.

More than 400 items were stolen in four large suitcases from a flat in Gilgal in Stourport where they were being stored by locally based mail order company Happy Bunny.

West Mercia Police said the premises were broken into some time between 11.30pm last Wednesday night and 9am the following day.

It is thought thieves accessed the property from Baldwin Road and left the scene via the same route.

Officers have contacted adult shops in the area to alert them in case they are offered any of the stolen goods.

Pc Emma Gunnell said: “We would like to hear from anyone who saw any suspicious activity in that area overnight on Wednesday or thinks they know who was responsible.

“It would be quite difficult for the thieves to sell on these items in any great quantity and so we would ask people to be on the lookout for these suitcases should the thieves have dumped them.

“Two of the cases were black but the other two were very distinctive, one having pink and black stripes and the other a multi-coloured flower pattern all over it.”


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Pensioners win top radio award

Betty and Beryl with producer David Reeve /PA

Two broadcasting pensioners with a combined age of 176 have won a top honour in the Sony Radio Awards.

Betty Smith, 90, and Beryl Renwick, 86, beat BBC 6 Music favourites Adam and Joe to claim the gong for the Best Entertainment Programme.

The pair, who describe new music as “absolute piffle” and reminisce about sugar shortages during the war, broadcast as Betty and Beryl on Radio Humberside.

“We are not old, we are recycled teenagers,” they cackle as they discuss fashion, local history and their penchant for Canadian crooner Michael Buble.

The two friends, who are both widows and have lived in the Hull area for their entire lives, were spotted by the show’s producer David Reeves during a guided tour of the BBC Hull building in 2006.

He had been looking for someone who could represent older people’s views and give a voice to a generation not often heard on the radio.

Sony judges declared that the elderly women offered a refreshing change of pace.

“Betty and Beryl are a joyous entertaining double act, having fun with the medium and unconstrained by any ingrained ideas of what works and what doesn’t,” they said.

“They give a voice to a sector of society unrepresented on radio, and do it with a joy that puts many of their fellow broadcasters to shame.”


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Closed for the Weekend…. Spring Cleaning

“I’m fit for the London Marathon thanks to my Lycra tights” says Ed “Crazy” Balls

The snow is coming down thick and fast. It’s January and I am six miles into a ten-mile training run. My legs are stiffening up and suddenly I’m anxious – very anxious.
It’s my first Saturday morning circuit of Pontefract race track in 2012. Give up now and I will fail to finish a critical milestone in my London Marathon preparations. Keep running and I may end up snowed in at the car park.
‘Speed up, Ed,’ shout a couple of walkers, as their dog yaps around my stiffening legs. The path is barely visible and very slippery and, as I pass the four-furlong post, the wind is bitter. What am I doing here? Whose idea was this?
A fit rugby player in my teens, a good footballer in my 20s, I have been a couch potato ever since. Gym? Too boring. Swimming? Too smelly. Golf? Too time-consuming. As for jogging, is anything more dull?
Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-2133199/Im-fit-London-Marathon-thanks-Lycra-tights-aerobics-says-Labour-heavyweight-Ed-Balls.html#ixzz1sj5zrJrt

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Showgirls ‘performed nun striptease’ for Silvio Berlusconi

Showgirls dressed as nuns performed a pole-dancing striptease for former Italian premier Silvio Berlusconi at a ‘bunga bunga’ party at his luxury villa at Arcore, a Milan court heard on Monday.

Giving evidence one of the guests, Imane Fadil, 27, said former TV showgirl Nicole Minetti, 28, and another guest Barbara Fagioli, 26, performed a dual ‘Sister Act’ striptease for Mr Berlusconi at the first party Fadil attended at the villa in February 2010.

“We were standing and having a drink at the bar, when Fagioli began performing in the ‘bunga bunga’ room. After 10 minutes she disappeared with Minetti. Then they presented themselves in black nun’s tunics with a crucifix on their breast and a white veil and did a performance that I never expected.

“They began to throw themselves around a pole, dancing a type of ‘Sister Act’. Then they stripped down to their underwear and continued to dance about. I was shocked.”


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Blast Off with the Moon Shiners


A malt whisky has been blasted into space to see how it matures under zero gravity.

Samples of unmatured malt and charred oak were sent up in an unmanned cargo spacecraft last October.

Once the ingredients from the Ardbeg Distillery on Islay reached the international space station, they were mixed together.

Dr Bill Lumsden, head of distilling and whisky creation at Ardbeg, said: “This experiment will throw new light on the effect of gravity on maturation.

“We are all tremendously excited – who knows where it will lead?”

The experiment, being conducted by the US-based space research company NanoRacks LLC, will be in space until the end of 2013.

Unveiling the research at the Edinburgh International Science Festival, the company said it is studying the interaction of chemicals at zero gravity to better understand how flavours work.

Arthur Motley, a buyer for Royal Mile Whiskies in Edinburgh, said: “I’ve sampled some of Scotland’s most heavenly whiskies, along with some rocket fuel, but nothing so intergalactic.

“We would love to stock this, although I’d be a little concerned with the astronomical price – and the hefty carbon footprint.”


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