A unique resort for dogs and cats

Arf, you need a holiday….

Dogs will be walked by Sinh’s staff everyday around this lake.

Bao Sinh is an eccentric Hanoian. He’s well-known for drawing portraits, writing folk poems and engaging in extravagant activities like engaging in a boxing match at the age of 70, putting a statue of himself in his front garden, and, for the last ten years, running a hotel and cemetery for dogs and cats.

Bao Sinh’s “Dog and Cat Hotel” is at his home, 167 Truong Dinh Street, in the capital’s Hoang Mai district.  He is building a “five-star” resort for dogs and cats.

Sinh says that the new hotel deserves five stars because it is built on 100 square meters of land, with five storys, air-conditioners, a lift, a swimming pool, a path for walking dogs and cats, and a surveillance camera, a bed, a wardrobe, a toilet and other furniture in each ‘room.’


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