Dr. Shinobu Ishihara – The Ishihara Color Vision Charts

The name of Dr. Shinobu Ishihara is known worldwide because of The Ishihara Color Vision Charts which he established in 1918. Even today, his test remains the one of choice throughout the world. Less well known are the facts that Dr. Ishihara also developed a Japanese visual acuity chart and an apparatus for determining the near point, both still currently in wide use in Japan. He also made significant contributions to the study of trachoma and myopia.

In 1908, Dr. Ishihara entered the postgraduate course in ophthalmology at the Imperial University of Tokyo, studying under Prof. Jujiro Komoto. Subsequently, he studied in Germany under Professors Stock, Axenfeld and Hess. Dr. Ishihara was appointed the Professor and Chairman, to succeed Prof. Komoto, at the Ophthalmology Department of The Imperial University of Tokyo in 1922 and served until March 1940.

Dr. Ishihara had always led a very modest life, with no interest in material possessions. He was greatly revered by his students who, after his retirement, built a cottage for him near a hot spring on the Izu Peninsula. There he served as a country doctor, conducting clinics for his neighbors, asking no payment. As was the custom in those days, the patients left tokens of their gratitude in home-grown produce and small sums of money. After covering his expenses, Dr. Ishihara returned all remaining money to the villagers. These funds were used to build a library and a study room for the village children, a fitting tribute to the highly respected benefactor who came to live in their midst until his death in 1963.


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The King of Cannes, Jacques d’Azur, is Missing!

BREAKING NEWS: Jacques d’Azur, King of the Cannes Film Festival, is missing. We are seeking his heir… if you have information or believe it may be you, please visit Serge the Concierge


undiscovered Island of Beautiful Women…South Pacific…crackle,cackle…

via: http://www.sergetheconcierge.com/2010/03/my-blog-for-a-beer-jacques-brel-jacques-higelin-frere-jacques-now-jacques-dazur.html

by Arthur and Elizabeth

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Falling off the Dock of the Bay

in Vietnam – Si and Dave cook us up a right treat!

the Punjapit Collective are sure that our discerning readers have seen this previously..but for the latecomers up the back.


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Japan’s fisheries expand to breed different types of fish

There’s hope for you yet remora….. where ever you are.

Growing demand for seafood has led to over-fishing around the world, and environmentalists are warning that resources are depleting faster than they can replenish themselves.

To maintain a constant supply, many fisheries in Japan are trying to expand fish farming.

The city of Tarumizu is known for breeding yellowtails.

It faces Kinko Bay, which has an annual average water temperature of 22 degrees Celsius, and is also deep enough for a fish preserve.

Since the mid-1990s, the city’s fishermen’s cooperative had decided to switch to breeding amberjack.

The fish has a constant texture and taste, and it is a popular food fish.

About a million of the fish are born here annually, making it Japan’s number one amberjack breeder.

Breeding conditions are strictly monitored, with the fishermen making sure that there is enough space for each amberjack


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Japan Fashion Week

A model presents a creation by Japanese designer Aguri Sagimori at Japan Fashion Week in Tokyo March 24, 2010. The fashion week goes on till March 28.


by A + E

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World Cup 2010 Know Your Rivals Group E: Japan’s Golden Moments

Japan have participated in the World Cup finals only three times, but the most successful campaign was at Korea/Japan in 2002. The team accomplished
a series of firsts in the tournament in their home country. It was the second time the country had participated in a World Cup finals, following on from 1998’s record of three consecutive losses. Japan recorded only one goal in France, which didn’t bode well ahead of the 2002 tournament.

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Something that might Tickle your Fancy

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Masaaki Suzuki Bach Motets

This is concerning The Bach Collegium Japan and Masaaki Suzuki

and their new recording of Bach Motets

more: http://www.classicsonline.com/catalogue/product.aspx?pid=941007

by remora and Elizabeth

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Punjapit’s Proposed New HQ…..

The Punjapit Collective have come up with a few ideas for a new Head Office……

above Arthur’s pick:

above A + E’s choice:

above Pip G. pick;

above robin’s choice:

And those that didn’t make the cut see the link below:


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Chinese Robot Cook

Liu Changfa, a retired automation engineer,from China, needed only one year to create a robot cook, using only rudimentary tools, like hammer and axe.

The Chinese inventor connected his robot cook to a laptop computer and a cellphone that allow to choose preset menus, or program it to cook certain dishes. Vinegar, salt, sugar and all other seasoning is stored in the robot’s chest, and the cooking takes place in its belly, where an induction cooker is installed. With the help of some dedicated software, the dedicated robot can be programmed to add a certain amount of seasoning, or stir a dish a certain number of times.

All Liu Changfa has to do is put the raw ingredients into the pot, and wait for the beeping sound, made by the robot. He has already contacted a Chinese restaurant, which will test the robot cook in its kitchen, and add robot dishes on its menu. More restaurants will shortly follow, says Liu Changfa.


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