Model Lê Trung Cương

Arthur, did you ever do nude body art in your youth….

Supermodel takes 7 hours for painter drawing on the body and took first series lens to get a unique artistic nude photos.

Won three first Manhunt Vietnam, General Le Trung supermodel height 1.81m same standard form has received many invitations photography, performances of the fashion magazines and shows performance large. And so random, as well as his model of Dawn Forum, Dr. Doan Trung Cuong Le … always been the fashion experts (designers, stylists, photographers, fashion …) make the most beautiful of the form to make available the impressive images of sexy and natural.

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Play Ball…. with Arthur & robin

Football fanatics battle Japan, and the odds

When Korea played Japan in 2003, it was crushed 88 to nothing. It’ll have to do better for a 2011 Cup berth.

It’s a tranquil Sunday morning, April 25, and all is quiet on the campus of Chung-Ang University in southwestern Seoul – or it would be if not for the defensive coach screaming, “Do you guys want to start practice by running a hundred laps? Go through your warm-ups and get in place!”

The players lumber around in response as quickly as they can, weighed down by their heavy padding. So begins the second round of tryouts for Korea’s national American football team.

The sport is rarely played outside the United States, but 75 players still showed up to start out down the long and difficult road to the 2011 International Federation of American Football Senior World Championships. The list will eventually be trimmed down to a final 45-man roster.

Head coach Tatsuhide Fukuda stands on the sidelines, his eyes fixated on the group of hopefuls, mostly university team members and amateurs. Amid the sound of the whistles and the cracks of helmet on helmet, the third-generation Korean-Japanese coach – his Korean name is Kim Yong-soo, though he doesn’t use it – is carefully making mental notes of the talent at his disposal. He seems far from pleased.

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Move Over Mink: It’s All About Rat Fur

Pardon me while I throw up in my mouth a little, but Vanity Fair‘s VF Blog reports that nutria, 20-pound river-dwelling rats that tend to thrive in Louisiana, are making a splash (!) when it comes to fur-trimmed menswear items this fall. Cute! And designers are already queuing up to put a super sexy spin on the trade:

“I love the masculinity of it. It’s sort of the bad-ass fur,’ [Alabama-based designer Billy] Reid explains. Gilles Mendel sourced his fall 2010 collection fur in Canada. ‘Tougher than mink,’ he says, adding that nutria’s combination of coarseness and shine lends it ‘a androgynous feeling’ and ‘a certain modernity.”

Well, gee guys, when ya put it that way … As if fur isn’t gross enough, did anyone really need to go there? You have to feel bad for this Billy Reid model, above. Hell, we even feel kinda bad for the rat.

by A+E

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Piaggio sets up in VN

Piaggio Vietnam, a subsidiary of the Italian-based Piaggio Group, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of scooters and motorbikes, plans to produce 52,000 Vespa scooters this year as part of its programmes to expand its business. 

Currently, the company makes up 70 percent of the bikes in Vietnam and generates jobs for almost 400 workers with an average salary of VND4.5 million per month. 


by Punjapit Collective

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Sharp Dressed Men

I regard these Gents to be as stylishly attired as any equivalent in Milan,Paris or New York.


any many,many thanks to The Sartorialist

by remora

Yves Klein, one of the most Curious Judoka


It odd that so little is written or discussed these days in judo books or on judo forums about the person of Yves Klein. In my view, Klein was one of the most Remarkable Western Judoists of all time. When you Google his name together with the term judo, many of the returns have little to do with judo sites, but with art sites.

For those who are not familiar with the name, Yves Klein was a French-Jewish artist. He was one of the first people of name to travel to Japan and get acquainted with Japanese society and study kata in depth. In 1953, at the age of just 25, Klein obtained the rank of Kodokan, 4th dan, a quite remarkable achievement in those days.

He wrote Les fondaments du judo, a book when put in perspective is quite unique for those days. Other judo books existed, but except for, perhaps, Charles Yerkow, not too many Westerners were paying close attention to kata in their book. Klein’s 1953 book already contained a close study of such advanced kata like Koshiki-no-kata and Itsutsu-no-kata, with Klein himself participating. In his book, Klein features as uke in Koshiki-no-kata with Asami Sampei as tori, and he also features as uke in Itsutsu-no-kata with Oda Join as tori.

by robin

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Khuong Nguyen – Creative Photography

Khuong Nguyen is a great photographer from Paris, France, he has done lots of mind blowing creative works for different clients, in this post we have gathered some of his awesome work for your inspiration, we hope that you will like his work.

more pics:

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Amazing 3D animations of Old Japan

Finally, in 2009, with the discovery of his complete printed catalog of 19th Century Album views (and Lantern-Slides made from the same), Enami becomes one of only two Japanese photographers known to have a surviving list of their commercial 2-D images. (The other extant view list was published by Kimbei Kusakabe).

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Elizabeth prepares for The World Cup

Elizabeth’s method of supporting the National  Team……

with Love from the Boys….

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Apparently, Volcanos Are Good For Something—Beauty Products

Thanks to your hijinks, Eyjafjallajokull, just about everyone and their mom hates volcanos now. Here you are, causing widespread chaos all last week and putting a dent in the economy, when you could have turned around your image thanks to a piece of new information we’ve discovered. Apparently, volcanic ash works magic on skin. Tengen, a Japanese beauty supplier, specializes in creating products made with ash from a 400,000-year-old volcano. The particles in ash are so small that, apparently, it’s a rare type of exfoliant, one that really cleans out your pores without being too harsh on your face. Go figure.

by A+E

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