Elizabeth and Arthur discuss the Infinite…

Elizabeth: Arthur dearest… Valentino said “I have never, ever been, wrong”..

Arthur: Liz look…Einstein said there are dual versions of The Infinite – the Universe and Human Stupidity….

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how do you treat usagi-phobia?…Leporiphobia

good question countered Arthur

* “I’ve always loved to see the furry little buggers pop down a hole” – Noel Coward

* “Jesus, look at the size of that bastard!!!” – Oscar Wilde

* “I’ve seen bigger” remarked Jesus



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The Dirtiest Man in China

The success of cross-dressing comedian Little Shenyang shows that sexual humor is coming out of the closet. Is China ready for raunch?


Comedy is on the rise in China, and one of its unlikeliest stars is a cross-dressing performer known as Xiao Shenyang, or “Little Shenyang.” Born in hardscrabble northeast China, the 29-year-old comedian has a reputation for gender-bending costumes (sparkly hair bows, women’s blouses, a sports bra) and occasional vulgarity. That made his debut on the national stage all the more remarkable. Little Shenyang appeared in last year’s Lunar New Year gala show organized by state-run CCTV, a yearly holiday ritual that typically tops the charts for TV viewership. While his jokes were scrubbed clean of sexual innuendo that night, the fresh-faced youth did wear a skirt—calling it a “Scottish kilt.” After he said something perceived as effeminate, another comedian, Zhao Benshan, called him a Chinese name that means either “ass kisser” or “ass demon”—derogatory slang for homosexual. The audience roared with laughter. (Later Zhao, who is Little Shenyang’s mentor and China’s most popular TV star, denied any homosexual connotations. “How do I know what words gay people use? I don’t associate with them,” he told NEWSWEEK.) Little Shenyang was an instant hit with the show’s 600 million–strong audience, prompting so many Netizens to Google his name that his hits temporarily exceeded those for Mao Zedong and Jesus Christ combined.


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Abyss LED Digital Watch

We’ve seen many unusual watches before, and here’s another LED watch that borders on being weird. It doesn’t have any noticeable hands; rather it sports a single ring of LEDs around the circumference of its face, with the dots supposedly good enough to indicate the hours and the minutes (somehow).


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Beer of the Month: Shipyard Brewing Old Thumper

Shipyard Brewing Old Thumper

Shipyard describes this as a nontraditional English bitter ale. It’s closest to the extra special bitter, or ESB, style, which is bigger and hoppier than the usual English bitter. (Of course, neither is anywhere near as hoppy as a West Coast India pale ale, because nothing is.)

One thing that might make Old Thumper nontraditional is the inclusion of some roasted malts, which gives a fleeting suggestion of a darker beer. Because Shipyard has been making this beer for more than 15 years, though, by American standards it is a tradition.


by Arthur & Friday Night Cardies

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Haamonii Shochu from Japan like dieting

Make that Haamonii Shochu…. on the rocks

Haamonii Shochu, a relatively new Japanese liquor entry to the American spirits market.

Shochu, made of grains and starch, is the world’s third most popular spirits by volume sold, following the leader, baijiu, a white distilled Chinese spirit typically made of sorghum, and vodka, according to a recently published review of the global spirits market by IWSR (International Wine and Spirits Record) in London. Some shochu brands can taste harsh, but Haamonii (which means harmony in Japanese) is clear and vodka-like. Attention bathing-suit-wearing calorie counters: Haamonii has an alcohol content of 22 percent (about half that of vodka) and 75 calories in a 2-ounce serving, compared with up to 120 calories for the same amount of vodka.


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Artifice, Brutality and Innocence

oh these troubled,troubled,.. stupid times

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