Wuff Justice

A postman is suing a dog owner for compensation after he was forced to kneel in front of the body of the pet pooch for two hours after knocking it down in a road crash.

Owner Lei Tsao, 34, was furious when a mail van killed his pedigree shih tzu when it dashed into the road outside his home in Suzhou, eastern China.

So he ordered driver Jin Hung, 23, and his assistant to either pay him 500 GBP for a new dog or kneel and pray in front of his pet’s body for two hours.

Now the postman is suing Tsao for 2,0000 GBP claiming he caused him “shame and humiliation” after these mobile phone snaps were posted on the internet.

“It was not his fault the dog wasn’t on a lead and ran straight into the road.


by Arf the Dog

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