Designer Chess Set Stimulates The Body As Well As The Mind With Sex Toys As Pieces.

Design and product consultants Aruliden teamed up with intimate luxury brand Kiki De Montparnasse to create a line of high-end private label sex toys. One of which is this $7,000 chess set whose pieces are fully functioning sex toys, making it the perfect game for the cerebral, sensual and wealthy.

When not in use, the 32 sex toys – which range from vibrators to butt plugs – fit in the concealed drawers beneath the game board. One set of 16 are matte black, the others are glossy black to differentiate between the two players – or partners:

Each of the 32 pieces, or sex toys, is made of medical-grade silicone and ABS with real gold detailing:

The other erotic toys in the collaborative line are the following various shaped vibrators, also made with gold detailing and black silicone:

all images courtesy of Aruliden.

by The Punjapit Chess Stimulation Champions

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Breast milk ice cream unveiled by Covent Garden shop — £14 per-cup

A shop in London’s Convent Garden has started selling breast milk ice cream.

The mammary mixture, made with 75% human breasts milk is called Baby Gaga, will cost £14 per-scoop and is to be served by a Lady Gaga impersonator.

The milk, which has been medically screened, was donated after the restaurant’s owner, Matt O’Connor, placed an advert.

“It’s the most natural thing in the world, and if it’s good enough for my boys then it’s good enough for ice cream,” said O’Connor.

“Some people will hear about it and go yuck — but actually it’s pure organic, free-range and totally natural.”

Well if it’s free range? We’ve got to say we’re glad to hear the milk hasn’t been procured from battery mothers.

Mrs Riley, one of the donors to the shop who gets £15 for every ounce of milk she produces, has called the idea “a great recession beater”.

“What’s wrong with using my assets to get a bit of extra cash?” she added.

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Thai police free women from surrogate baby ring

Fourteen Vietnamese women, seven of them pregnant, have been rescued from an “illegal and inhuman” surrogate baby breeding ring in Thailand, officials said Thursday.

Police said the company, called Baby 101, received orders by email or via agents from childless couples and in some instances the male partner would provide sperm to inseminate the women.

“This is illegal and inhuman. In some cases it looks like they were raped,” said Public Health Minister Jurin Laksanawisit, who added that those carrying children would be cared for in a private hospital.

Vietnamese women, some of whom were offered thousands of dollars per baby, were held in two houses in Bangkok and had their passports confiscated.

The women were freed after they were able to send an email to the Vietnamese embassy, which tipped off Thai authorities.

“We found 13 people in two houses when we searched, we found one more today at the hospital,” said Lieutenant colonel Prasat Khemaprasit, of Immigration police. The woman at the hospital had just given birth.

“Nine of the women said they had volunteered to work because they were told they would earn 5,000 dollars for each baby. Four said they were tricked,” said Major General Manu Mekmok, commander of investigations for the immigration department.

Police said four Taiwanese, one Chinese and three Myanmar nationals were arrested in connection with the business and charged with illegally working in Thailand.

A 35-year-old Taiwanese woman, who police said ran the operation, was also charged with human trafficking.

by The Punjapit Alliance

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Arthur and Arf’s Early Years – How to Take Your Pooch Canoeing

Most people who know me know I have a dog-friendly house.

The way to have a successful outing with your dog requires that your dog is comfortable, both physically and psychologically.  There are a few ways I’ve found that work very well.

First, dogs appreciate sure footing. They don’t like sliding around the bottom of a wet canoe. Many modern canoe materials are fairly slick when wet, and what isn’t wet at the beginning of the day will be once a dog jumps in and out a few times. Royalex or polyethylene canoes are especially slick…..

Second, dogs don’t like laying in bilge water. Even though your dog might be jumping in and out of the boat constantly (more on that later), they don’t like laying in a puddle of water. A little is fine, but some boats, especially those with shallow V hulls, collect significant bilge water. Dogs won’t lay down in an inch of slimy river goo….

Third, some dogs need lifejackets too. I don’t care if your dog, like mine, is a natural born swimmer. Labs can be headstrong, and I’ve seen strong dogs exhaust themselves trying to swim against current, and there are hazards in rivers and lakes that are as dangerous to dogs as they are to humans….

by Arthur Furrowfield & Arf the Dog

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No.1 B.I.CH. for 2011: Beer!

The No.1 “Big-in-China” trend forecast for 2011 is…BEER!! (surprise! surprise! Arthur..)

1) Beer
Think of drinking in China and the first thing that springs to mind will probably be whiskey with green tea mixers; either that, or weak, watery Tsingtao. Neither bode particularly well for the nation’s beer industry, but due to sheer numbers, China actually is the largest beer consumer in the world. The demand for decent beer is getting so large that Carlsberg has started to invest more heavily in its Chongqing brewery. Kirin has recently bought the Qiandaohu brewery in Hangzhou, and according to a recent report into consumer trends by PriceWaterhouseCooper, China will account for half of the world’s demand for beer within the next 10 years.

Check out the other nine:

by The Punjapit Alliance

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UFO above Chinese soccer match

The UFO clip below is making the rounds of the Chinese Internet and the massive online community of UFO enthusiasts in that part of the world. The video clip which was allegedly filmed at some time in the last few days was taken by a fan watching a women’s soccer match.

While filming the event, it appears that an acquaintance sitting besides them alerted the videotographer to an unusual craft hovering above. The event took place in the Chinese UFO hot spot of Guangzhou where such events are occurring at an increasingly regular rate. The UFO is seen moving from side to side near what appears to be a communications tower.

Thousands of Chinese citizens believe that their government is hiding knowledge of extraterrestrial activity on Earth and is now locked in a UFO cold-war with the US. Many commentators believe China is currently taunting the US with suggestions that they might very well reveal to the world what they about alien activity before America does.


by The Punjapit Alliance

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Uniqlo, has just launched an online fashion community, linked to Facebook, that allows people to share their favourite looks. Kind of like a home-made Facehunter or Sartorialist, it’s a real-world lookbook, showcasing global street fashion and featuring Uniqlo pieces as they’re worn by real people around the world. Next month the launch of the iPhone app will allow users to post their looks from anywhere, at any time. The idea is to browse the photos and ‘Like’ them, the top ranked looks are then used in-store, reinforcing Uniqlo’s ‘Made for All’ philosophy. Here’s a couple of top-ranking Paris looks:


by Elizabeth + remora

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Suspicious Men in Black

Oh No!!!…a suspicious deal between “Some Men in Black” – sound familiar?

by Pip G. and Arden

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Russian government finally admits that beer is an alcoholic drink, not, um, food

Sad news everyone: that fun pub fact that you loved to trot out whenever Mother Russia came up in conversation will no longer be true soon. Yes, that’s right: Russia no longer officially recognises beer as a foodstuff, admitting finally that it’s an alcoholic beverage.

Using this odd loophole to their advantage, beer has been advertised whenever and wherever in Russia, served into the small hours, as well as being sold in gargantuan volumes.

With new Kremlin-lead laws, no beer can be now sold near schools or other public places, which will dramatically change public life in Russia – you know, what with it being in the top 5 biggest drinking countries in the world, with each Russian chugging down 32 pints of pure alcohol per head annually.

President Dmitry Medvedev has called the country’s drinking problem “a national disaster” in the past, but this beer legislation is far from a cure-all as most Russians view beer as a soft drink – preferring, as you’d expect, the harder stuff.

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An Inflection Point in Menswear?

TOKYO, Japan — On the streets of Tokyo, the heritage look still rules. The patchwork tweed jackets and rough wool bowties in the windows of “select shop” boutiques like Beams Plus and United Arrows’ Beauty & Youth continued to draw a steady crowd last autumn. But after two solid years of celebrating Anglo-American “neo-trad” style, influential Japanese fashion magazine Brutus and its little brother publication Popeye began to turn towards a darker, more European vision.

Fashion has always been a celebration of perpetual difference. Back in 2004, after years of European luxury looks, Thom Browne sparked a re-evaluation of American trad style with his new take on the charcoal gray sack suit, white oxford shirt and rep tie.

A large part of the industry eventually followed suit, creating more nostalgic, traditional clothing. Soon came classic British suits, tweeds and plaids, followed by rugged workwear like chambray shirts and high lace-up boots. But there are growing signs that the enormously successful heritage boom may finally be peaking.

Heritage saturation has been building for some time. Last September, the Wall Street Journal published an article entitled “L.L. Bean Driving the Runway?!,” while the anonymous Tumblr “Fuck Yeah Menswear” quickly gained notoriety for waxing satirically on the excesses of Alden snobbery and necktie obsession. Indeed, with heritage overload in evidence at Pitti Immagine again this season, the novelty of beards, Barbour coats and Indy boots is quickly wearing off.

by A + E

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