When The Hunter Becomes the Hunted

Every year, over one hundred million sharks are caught and finned alive. Then they are thrown back in the water where they die miserably. Today most of the shark populations worldwide are threatened by extinction.

Especially in China, Hong Kong and Singapore shark-fin soup is regarded as a delicacy and status symbol. Shark protection is a vitally important cause if we wish to maintain a healthy balance in the world’s oceans. Thanks to shark diver Stefanie Brendl, the anti shark finning law, passed in Hawaii 2010, has already inspired similar legislation in other US States, as well as Malaysia, Hong Kong, Guam and several other Pacific Island Nations.

via: http://rtseablog.blogspot.com/2011/03/stefanie-brendl-shark-conservation.html

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Royal Rifles of Canada at the Repulse Bay Hotel – 1941

On 8 December 1941, a day after the its Air Force had devastated the U.S. Pacific Fleet at Pearl Harbour, the Japanese Empire launched an attack on the Britsh Crown Colony of Hong Kong.

In the ensuing battle, the Royal Rifles of Canada and the Winnipeg Grenadiers – the first Canadian ground units to see action in the Second World War—fought valiantly to defend the colony. Initially, the Grenadiers were dispatched to the Gin Drinkers’ Line, a chain of defenses in the New Territories on the Chinese Mainland, to hold back the onslaught. But heavy air raids and artillery attacks forced the Commonwealth troops to withdraw from the New Territories to their garrison on the island of Hong Kong. After several days of heavy bombardment, the Japanese stormed the island’s northern beaches on the night of 18 December.

The Japanese, well-supported from the air and reinforced from the Mainland, quickly separated the British East and West brigades, thus severing the Canadian contingent into two. With both brigades isolated, it was only a matter of time before the Island would fall. Still, the Canadian defenders fought on in the face of the relentless Japanese assault and suffered heavy casulaties. On Christmas Day, the Canadians were forced to surrender; those who survived would have to endure three and a half years of hardships as prisoners of war.

full article: http://wwii.ca/page42.html

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Hystrix brachyura – Chinese porcupine

Hystrix brachyura - Chinese porcupine.

Terrestrial and nocturnal, Chinese Porcupines live in small family groups in ground caves or rock crevices. They have long quills on the neck, nape and back. When threatened by predators like lions, tigers and leopards, the quills bristle rapidly and the Porcupine beats the ground with its hind feet to scare enemies away. When threatened further, they will defend themselves by giving a sideways or backward attack in which the quills are rammed into the predators. One false belief that has arisen about the porcupine is there supposed ability to throw their quills. Untrue, as at no time could porcupines do this. In order for someone or something to become impaled by the quills, over 30,000 on average per porcupine, they would have to have actual physical contact with the porcupine.

Their diet consists of fruit, bark, roots, leaves and succulent plants.

The Chinese Porcupine can be found in Nepal, Eastern China, Hong Kong, Malaya, Sumatra, and Borneo.

via: http://www.artworkoriginals.com/EB5SCQ73.HTM

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EDGE Creative Collective

A sampling of stencil, paste-up, and mural pieces from prolific Taibei-based EDGE Creative Collective street artist BBROTHER (aka: 老大哥). These pieces were done on the streets of Taibei, Taichung, Beijing, Shanghai, London, Liverpool, and Ferrol (Spain). Lovely stuff.

If you spot street / urban art (graffiti, stencil, wheat-paste, etc.) anywhere in China, please share it with us at EDGE@Neocha.com. We’d like to document it on NeochaEDGE.

via: http://edge.neocha.com/chinese-creatives/bbrother/fresh-wheat-paste-posters-on-the-streets-of-taibei-by-prolific-taiwanese-urban-artist-bbrother/

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Married men seek super-injunction against royal wedding

Britain’s married men have formally applied for a so-called ‘super-injunction’, in an attempt to prevent the royal wedding of Prince William of Wales and Kate Middleton from being shown on television, ‘or indeed in any form of media whatsoever.’

Speaking outside the Royal Courts of Justice, spokesman Dennis Conningsby explained how he, together with every other married man in the country, is seeking to slap a last-minute non-disclosure order on the organisers of the big day, preventing them from broadcasting the ceremony. ‘For us, the very prospect of a whole day’s worth of royal celebration is simply terrifying. We’ve already had about a month’s worth of respectful toadying on our tellies, what with all those documentaries and wedding specials in that cloyingly measured tone of the BBC royal correspondent – it’s got to stop and it’s got to stop now.’

Experts believe that the royal wedding will be directly responsible for the temporary breakdown of over a million marriages this weekend, as Britain’s entire population of male spouses desert their homes and families in a desperate attempt to escape the bunting and cucumber sandwiches made by their wives in a frenzy of patriotic activity. ‘She’s even got a Union Jack vest for the bloody dog for Christ’s sake,’ complained Conningsby. ‘Don’t get me wrong – I’m as happy for Wills ‘n’ Kate as the next man – but come on: forking out fifty quid for a knitted toilet cover in the shape of the happy couple is taking the piss!’

It is predicted that it will be standing room only along Britain’s rivers and lakesides, as vast numbers of men suddenly develop an interest in fishing, while there have already been reported scuffles outside golf courses, model railway shops and DIY stores, where queues of married men are already forming. ‘I thought I’d just ride the next few days out in my allotment,’ revealed one such refugee, ‘but when I got there I discovered at least a dozen other blokes on my patch, pottering around in a vain attempt to look busy. Okay so the purple sprouting has never been so free of weeds, but where can I go? The shed’s already full to bursting. If I have to sit there listening to the missus and her mother cooing over the wedding dress – well, I’d rather cut my own head off with a trowel.’

Unless there’s some way of getting this bloody wedding off the TV, we’re all doomed,’ another married man concurred. ‘Imagine the scene: millions of men staring vacantly at all that pomp and circumstance – driven into brain-dead imbecility after watching the umpteenth fawning interview with the butcher of whatever horribly middle-class Home Counties village the bride comes from. Let me tell you – I’d be battering down the door of the nearest TV-less pub, where I’d slowly get pissed for the next eight hours if I didn’t have to officiate at the bleedin’ thing. Sod it; I think I’ll do that anyway.’


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Black Dog Gene Discovered

Depression could be caused by genetics. According to the EurekaAlert release, “The researchers examined the functional relevance of the genetic association between SLC6A15 and major depression. Already nondepressed subjects carrying the risk-conferring genetic variants showed lower expression of SLC6A15 in the hippocampus, a brain region implicated in major depression.” This is not the first time science has suggested genetics may play a role in depression.

Read more at FYI Living: http://fyiliving.com/health-news/depression-gene-discovered-plus-3-genetic-traits-recently-uncovered/#ixzz1KrkhjWy8

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Special One Disgusted with Life and The World

Barcelona – 2

Real Madrid – 0

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

"One day he (Einstein) said that the only mechanical force more powerful than steam, electricity and atomic energy is will," Mourinho said.

‘We are out,’ said Mourinho. ‘We will go there with all the pride. Sometimes I feel disgusted living in this world and earning my living in this world.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-1381365/Jose-Mourinho-convinced-UEFA-Barcelona-conspiracy-Real-Madrid.html#ixzz1Krgg1fwT

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Sex Study Reveals We’re All A Little Kinky

In what is being touted as the biggest sex study since the release of the Kinsey Reports, Ogi Ogas—a former biodefense researcher—has found that when it comes to sexual preferences, we’re all a lot kinkier than we’d care to admit.

Operating under the theory that people don’t lie to Google, Ogas analyzed the logs of billions of online sex-related searches from around the world, emerging with he deems a comprehensive and complete look at our sexual i.d. His findings are chronicled in the new book, A Billion Wicked Thoughts co-authored with Sai Gaddam. Here’s a glimpse at what they discovered:

Straight men are pretty kinky and prefer heavy to thin women. So kinky, in fact, that they enjoy a variety of erotica, including websites devoted to elderly women and transsexuals. Even better, the research shows that straight men prefer heavy women to thin ones.

Gay men and straight men aren’t all that different. Interestingly, gay men and straight men have identical body part preferences—they favor the chest, butt and feet, in that order. Just, you know, on different genders. The research also showed that straight men have a fascination with other men’s penises, although it is not certain whether this is a conscious or unconscious fixation. Also, gay men enjoy straight porn.

Foot fetishes are totally normal. When women have small feet, it is a sign of high estrogen production. Since that, in turn, is a sign of fertility, men are wired to look for small feet.

Women enjoy gay romances. The ladies love reading and watching romances between two men. But it isn’t the sex that pulls them in; it’s the emotion between the two characters. Ogas uses Brokeback Mountain as an example—the largest audience for the film was straight women.

Strength in numbers. When it comes to fantasizing about group sex, men do so far more than women, and even picture more guys in the mix.


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Armless man loves to paint

Huang Guofu

A man without arms has become the vice curator of an art museum in China.

Huang Guofu (41) is the vice curator of Chongqing Talents Museum, and is planning to paint a long scroll of the scenes of old Chongqing.

By biting a chopstick in his mouth and using his right foot to clamp a pen to touch the keyboard, Huang can use the computer agilely. “I am searching materials and pictures of old Chongqing, and preparing the materials for my upcoming creations,” said Huang.

Last year Huang was appointed the vice-curator of the newly established museum for his never-give-up spirit and his artistic achievements.

Huang was born in Tongnan, Chongqing. When he was four, he lost both his arms after suffering electric shocks.

He started to have a strong interest in painting when he was 12. Each day after school, Huang would paint works with his feet of the pictures in his textbook.

His works were recommended for an exhibition in the local culture center, and won great success. Then Huang started his professional studies in the city arts centre.


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Why So Many Women Are Beginning To Wear Men’s Shoes

this hardly needs any explanation at all..but still…

Mischa Barton in Vintage Men’s Brogues

There is a secret trend that is happening for women who have feet that are larger or wider than normal. They are considering wearing men’s shoes. Why would a woman resort to doing such things? It’s usually because shoe manufacturers do not concentrate enough on making shoes widely accessible for individuals who have feet that are larger than normal. The expectation is for people in such a category to have to pay extra money to get custom shoes. But doing such things could cost them hundreds of dollars. Many women can’t afford to pay that for shoes, which is why they may consider just buying men’s shoes. They might feel a little embarrassed, and definitely make sure no one is looking when they try the shoes on, but for them such an alternative is a lot better than having to get overpriced custom shoes.

full article: http://fashionhaiku.com/why-so-many-women-are-beginning-to-wear-mens-shoes/

also: http://www.retrovintageshoes.com/2010/06/20/mischa-barton-in-vintage-mens-brogues/

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