3 artists get creative aboard ‘vomit comet’

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MOSCOW — Even the black cat got queasy.

Three British artists tried Tuesday to make art in zero gravity — one used the cat and a mouse for a performance piece — aboard an aircraft used to train cosmonauts, but only one completed his work. The other two artists felt ill.

The plane made 10 parabola-shaped flights before landing at Moscow’s Star City cosmonaut training center.

The artists experienced zero gravity in 23-second intervals during the flight, a series of steep climbs and sharp drops that simulate weightlessness.

While on board, artist Lyn Hagan filmed the predator-prey reactions of the cat and mouse in zero-gravity conditions.

Both the cat and Hagan became sick after about three loops of the plane, which cut the piece short, said Nasser Azam, one of the artists to ride the plane, nicknamed a “vomit comet.” He said he did not feel queasy.

“What we found out was that the cat turned into a mouse,” Azam said. “The cat was a lot more scared than the mouse.”


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