Football’s most bizarre sending off?

Old Hill Wanderers centre half Aaron Ecclestone was red carded for having a genital piercing.

Ecclestone caught a boot to his, ahem, “area,” while defending a set piece and pulled down his kegs to check if he was okay, but the eagle-eyed ref spotted his unconventional phallic body mod and demanded he removed it quick sharp.

Ecclestone left the pitch, followed by the ref who presumably wanted to be sure he’d removed it.

Unfortunately for Old Hill Ecclestone’s piercing wasn’t going anywhere he and was sent for an early bath.

English league-approved ref, Marcus Foley told us that the ref was wrong to send Ecclestone off: “Piercings and jewellery can be dangerous on the pitch. But as long as it’s covered, as this lad’s piercing obviously was, there shouldn’t be any recourse for action.

“At worst he should have asked him to put a plaster on it, but a red card is completely unwarranted,” Foley added.

Despite the setback, Old Hill went onto win their match 3-0

by The Punjapit Alliance

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