‘Pororo’ covered by North Korea sanction

A popular children’s cartoon jointly produced by the two Koreas is to be banned by the US government.

The iconic penguin Pororo will be banned as the North Korea-based animation company Samchunlee participated in the project.

The US government announced on June 20 that not only would goods made in the North be banned for import, but also other products involving North Korean input.

Pororo, a show about a penguin and his animal friends, has been exported to 110 different countries and has drawn global attention. In Korea, it is often referred to as “the president of children”.

The consequences of the US’s move are likely to spread throughout the South, as products from Gaeseong Industrial Complex are included on the banned list.

The complex is north of the inter-Korea border and home to a large number of South Korean factories.

via: http://www.asianewsnet.net/home/news.php?sec=22

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