Chabad Tokyo Japan – Womens Mikveh

Chabad Tokyo Japan was established 9 years ago.
In Japan, there are around 3,000 Jews. There are about 10,000 Jews, who come for business annually.
Chabad House of Japan is a non-profit organization. Every Chabad House fundraises for its own community. It is the spiritual lighthouse of the area.
Around 1 year ago, we opened a kosher restaurant in central Tokyo. It is opened daily, and provides gourmet kosher food for anyone interested.
Around half a year ago, we slaughtered kosher chickens in Japan. This is the first time that large scale, kosher slaughtering was ever done in Japan.
We have weekly Torah classes for men and women. Many Torah lessons are given over the phone daily, to Jews all around Japan.
Every Shabbat, we have services and a festive Shabbat meal that follows. Many participate, as it reminds them of their roots, and brings them a sweet taste of Judaism.
We have a monthly children’s program, called Tokyo Jewish Birthday Club. It is geared to teach the children, about the Jewish Holidays in every month in a fun, hands-on, creative way.
There has been a great spiritual revolution, since we arrived in Japan. Many have come close to the Torah and keep mitzvoth.
Our biggest challenge is a kosher women’s mikveh.
As of today, there are women who use the ocean as a mikveh. Needless to say the extreme difficulties involved in this.


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