Australia Plans To Kill Farting Camels Over Global Warming

Australians have plans to kill a whole slew of farting camels because they believe their flatulence contributes to global warming – how asinine is that?? The world’s association of camel scientists are furious and are fighting back.

Says the International Society of Camelid Research and Development (ISOCARD), the suggestion is “false and stupid… a scientific aberration. We believe that the good-hearted people and innovating nation of Australia can come up with better and smarter solutions than eradicating camels in inhumane ways.”

First of all, everyone farts – the camels can’t help it, and they are not alone. The very people wishing to kill the camels fart themselves, and some, probably much more than others.

The suggestion to kill the farting camels came by way of a paper distributed by Australia’s Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency. Northwest Carbon, a land and animal management consultancy “proposes whacking feral camels in exchange for carbon credits.”

Camels each emit 99 pounds of methane a year, which equated to one ton of carbon dioxide a year. These estimates are “according to the champions of a cull,” and ISOCARD argues the numbers are “absurd” because they were based on cattle data. ISOCARD says, “the estimation of camel methane emission is quite debatable, as well as the estimated feral population.”

by The Punjapit Alliance

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