The Ancient World in London – Egyptomania in London + Dodi & Diana

Dr Jasmine Day takes adventurer Nicole Favish across London to see the Egyptian influence on England’s capital city. London is wrapped in thousands of layers of history, with each battle and war leaving its mark on the city. With such prominent buildings taking influence from the ancient age such as the MI6 Building (based on the Great Ziggurat of Ur) and St George Church (resembling the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus). Dr Day and Nicole first visit Embankment, examining the scaffold-covered Cleopatra’s Needle, a gift to Britain from the Egyptian government. Originally built in the reign of Tuthmosis III, the artefact has no relation to Cleopatra other than it being the name of the boat it came on, once the British government raised the fund to bring it to her shores. Also looking at the Egyptian influence on London’s premiere department store, Harrods, who’s Egyptian owner has reworked the basement and first floor with replicas from the ancient era! The pair then head to the Kilmorey Mausoleum, which is built in an Egyptian style during the Victorian age. They then head to the Black Cat factory in Camden, which was home to the Carrera Cigarette factory. On opening of the building, the ground in front was covered in sand as the cast from Egyptian opera Aida paraded across the front of it!

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