Russian girls urged to strip to support Vladimir Putin

For most politicians, gaining voter support is all about saying the right things, knocking on doors and kissing babies. But Vladimir bare-chested horseback-riding Putin isn’t your typical politician.

As such it should come as no surprise that the latest online campaign aimed at drumming up support for him, ahead of the 2012 presidential vote in Russia, doesn’t follow convention.

Instead, the ‘Putin’s Army’ campaign is urging young women to back him by stripping off and posting videos of themselves online. We’re not quite sure exactly how that gets more people interested in the democratic process… but who are we to argue?

In an introductory video, a young woman is seen strutting around Moscow and gushing about Putin before using lipstick to write ‘I’ll tear for Putin’ on a skimpy T-shirt and posing in it with the camera trained squarely at her cleavage.

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