Algae hits Qingdao beaches

Qingdao beaches

Green algae sprawled over 440 square kilometres in the Chinese coastal city of Qingdao, remains an ecological threat, according to local marine forecasters.

Though the plankton, namely Enteromorpha prolifera, is not toxic, it blocks sunshine for marine life, experts state.

Moreover, once the algae hits the beach and is left untreated, its fast decomposition may trigger an outbreak of red algae.

“The city is besieged and the algae will keep affecting the region until the end of July,” said Huang Juan, director of forecasting centre for the North China Sea Branch.

Professor Bao Xianwen from the Qingdao-based Ocean University of China said research centres have yet to figure out the reason for the rapid growth of algae in recent years.

He explained the State Ocean Administration had initiated a project to study the phenomena and find a solution in 2009, but no progress has been made.

“Most of what we can do is to predict drifting routes as accurately as possible for effective interception,” Bao concluded.

“Over 6,000 people are currently removing the green algae, as it affect the local fishery and tourism industries,” said Ding Shugen from the Qingdao Committee of Municipal and Rural Construction.

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