Porkslap & Entire Butt….

I’ll have a “Porkslap” & Arthur will have a “Entire Butt”….

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Sounds like: a sex act between fat people or a dirty joke between butchers
Why? Few names conjure an instant mental image and sound as well as Porkslap. We see and hear hog flesh being smacked each time. Chuck Williamson, owner of Butternuts Beer & Ale, explains, “The name is a play on Park Slope [a neighborhood in Brooklyn]. I was doing some work for the co-owner of Park Slope Brewing, and when I started this venture I was playing around with some names. I already had the pigs as characters for the beer label. The name and vision all came together one long cold night, and now  
we all have Porkslap to enjoy!”

Salopian Entire Butt
Sounds like: A huge, fat ass, or possibly a juvenile game of one-upmanship: Boy #1 says, “You’re a butt hole”; Boy #2 replies, “Oh yeah, well, you’re a whole butt.”
Why? Us cheeky Brits are back with the odd sayings. Salopian’s American distributor, Shelton Brothers, writes on its website, “The original English term for porter, ‘Entire Butt,’ means essentially ‘the whole barrel.’ Nope, it still means the entire arse.

Read more: http://www.asylum.co.uk/2011/07/21/10-nauseating-weird-beer-names-and-the-stories-behind-them/#ixzz1Sm6ti0D5

by Arthur Furrowfield & robin

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