BBC make a massive clock-up in speaking clock headline

There were red-faces at BBC Online recently, when they ran an article about the speaking clock turning 75 — but accidentally forgot the ‘l’ in the word clock.

Yup, this meant their story looked like it was all about a 75-year-old speaking… well you can work it out can’t you?

Unsurprisingly, the rather rude blunder resulted in the story proving somewhat more popular online than might have been suspected and a flurry of online sharing.

And while we’re sympathetic to whoever made the error we couldn’t help smirking at some of the “at the third stroke,” and “cometh the hour” type jokes we saw on Twitter.

A spokesperson for the BBC said the ‘speaking cock’ headline had been changed to ‘speaking clock’ soon after the story was published, telling The Sun: “It was a typo that was quickly spotted and corrected.”

Luckily the Beeb hadn’t done something stupid like print 3.5 million stamps with a phone number to a sex line rather than one to order more stamps.

For those more interested in the actual ‘clock turns 75’ news, the 1936 creation was the first pre-recorded information service in the UK provided through telephones, and the first voice was that of Jane Cain.

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