Sparkling pink and lemon girlie beers launched in the UK

this won’t happen during Friday night cards night….

Molson Coors has become the latest brewery to announce the launch of a new girlie beer for more feminine sensibilities.

 Animée, which is set to launch in the UK this fall, is a 4 percent alcohol brew that’s described as “lightly sparkling and finely filtered with a delicious, fresh taste.”

Instead of amber ale, Animée comes in clear filtered, crisp rosé and zesty lemon flavors – all developed to be less masculine in look and taste.  

The product is the result of two years of research between Molson Coors and BitterSweet Partnership, a venture that was set up to tap into the underserved market of women. Come September, the brewery is expected to mount a heavy £2 million (€2.27 million) advertising campaign.

According to the group, 79 percent of women in the UK say they never or rarely drink beer for reasons that range from bloating, weight concerns, aesthetics, and image.

Animée is Molson’s attempt to capture a market that’s being aggressively pursued by other breweries like Danish beermaker Carlsberg, which launched its version of a girlie beer in May called Copenhagen. The wheat malt and rice-based beer is 4.5 percent alcohol and is scheduled to roll out across Europe this year and Asia in 2012.

Carlsberg also sells a fruit spritzer called Eve in Russia, the UK, Switzerland, Denmark and the Ukraine that comes in lychee, grapefruit, peach and passion flavors.

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