Cloned beagle glows in the dark, comes with on/off switch

Cloned beagle glows in the dark, comes with on/off switch

With one of those conventional glowing dogs that you can find at PetCo or outside of your local nuclear power plant, the incessant light can become an issue when you’re trying to watch a movie or something. South Korean scientists have put an end to this widespread and serious problem by giving their latest glowing dog an off switch.


The switch isn’t like a big metal toggle on the dog’s butt or anything; it’s a chemical trigger. If you give this dog (a two year old female beagle named Tegon) an antibiotic called doxycycline along with her food, she’ll start to glow under ultraviolet light:


Aww, cute! To get this to work, Tegon was cloned, and in the process her genes were modified to instruct her cells to react to the antibiotic by glowing. The point of all this isn’t to just create a dog that you can switch on to save on your electric bill, but rather to explore how to use dogs to help us search for cures to diseases (like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s) that are common to both dogs and humans.

If you want one of these fancy glowing dogs for your own, better start saving: Tegon here took four years to, uh, develop, and she cost about $3 million.

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