Boris rides a bike with Kelly Brook, gurns near some Notting Hill Carnival dancers

Boris, Boris, Boris… we just can’t help but love you here at Asylum. It’s not just because of your outrageously silly hair, your amazingly pompous turn of phrase or your non-stop gaffes… there’s just something special about you and we’re not sure what it is.

Oh, wait, yes we do! It’s your willingness to look like a goon in a photo op — that’s what makes us love you!

Whether it’s Arnold Schwarzenegger on a Boris Bike or the Olympic countdown clock failing to work, you’re always there with your scruff of hair to make things a little bit plummier.

Plus, you’re not shy around pretty ladies, as proven by these snaps of you larking about with Asylum favourite Kelly Brook as well as a couple of Notting Hill Carnival dancers.

Ah, it’s a good day to be a Kelly Brook / Boris Johnson / awkward photo fan, and no mistake.
boris johnson notting hill carnival
After all, just because you’re in public office doesn’t mean you shouldn’t spend quality time with semi-naked women and worryingly attractive TV presenters, now should it? Wait, you shouldn’t be flapping about with all these women? Ah well, we won’t tell anyone if you don’t.

The reason for Boris’s recent female company was, surprise, surprise, the upcoming carnival, and as for Ms. Brook, she was just the face of “Skyride”, an annual event that sees thousands of cyclists gathering in London for a good ol’ pedal.

Still, you’re not here to read us waffling on about why Boris was in the company with such wonderful people — you’re here for the pictures! Well, we would be if we were you, anyway. So here are a selection of special snaps from these two particular photo opportunities, as well as a special gallery, just for Kelly. You know, because she’s great and we love her and stuff.

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