Cup runneth over for Kiwi women


New Zealand women’s breasts have been getting bigger over the last decade, with the most popular cup size moving up two notches.

The news might not come as a surprise to some men, who have been copping a bigger eyeful in recent years.

Bendon spokeswoman Rachael Parkin said the average bust size had been steadily increasing in the last decade, particularly with younger women.

“D cups and larger now account for nearly half of all the Bendon bras sold in New Zealand,” she said.

Bendon’s Newmarket store in Auckland had seen their most popular size go from a 10C up to 12D/DD size in the last two years.

“We are also seeing young girls are coming into our stores with larger busts much more often now.”

For Triumph, the average bra size moved from a 12B in 2001 to between a 14C and 14D.

by Arthur Furrowfield (reporting in New Zealand)

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