World’s tallest champion boxer seeks Yeti in Siberia

Russian former heavyweight boxer Nikolai Valuev will seek out an ‘abominable snowman’ thought to be living in a remote Siberian mountain range, news agency Interfax reported Thursday.

Valuev also intends to meet with members of the local Shors ethnic group before moving into the Tashtagol highlands of the Altai Mountains with a team of explorers, said Aleksei Dorogonov, the expedition leader.

Local tradition holds that a yeti-like creature has probably made its home in the rugged Azatsky valley, which searchers will travel to using all-terrain vehicles, Doroganov said.

The Altai Mountains are some 3,500 kilometres south-east of Moscow.

In past years, hunters have described encounters with a hairy man-like creature standing some 1.8 meters tall – well below Valuev’s 2.13 metre stature.

‘The chance to find a yeti is about as high as finding Atlantis or the Loch Ness monster,’ Valuev said, in reference to other myths. He will spend between one and two days on the yeti search, media reported.

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