The Cheapest Car in the World (Tata Nano) now with a $4.6 Million Price Tag

And Elizabeth your not getting one….

Tata Motors seems to have understood what it takes to hog the limelight. After remaining in the news for years for creating the cheapest car in the world – The Tata Nano is back in the news after it was covered with 80 kilos [176 pounds] of gold (22 karats) , 15 kilos of silver [33 pounds] and studded with more than 10,000 precious stones and gems.

The one of its kind car boasts a price tag of $4.6 Million ; not that anyone really expects it to get sold. The car shall be displayed on Tata owned jewelry stores (yes, the Tata family is literally into every imaginable business) around India. It is expected to give a fillip to the Nano as well as the Gold Plus jewelry stores that are being promoted by Tata.

Tata claim that the Gold Plus stores are celebrating 5000 years of jewelry making in India. Lets just hope that this rear engined Nano which has a spotty safety record even in India does not burst into flames. The resulting $4.6 million debacle would be pretty hard to put down even by Tata standards. We had written about this golden Nano way in December last year and the expected unveiling was in April/May of 2011. Guess they got delayed by a few months, but they did live up to their promise of India’s first gold car.

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