Gardening Helps ED


Women now have another reason to kick their partners out of the house and into the garden.

Scientists have shown that regular bouts of gentle weeding, digging and mowing can revitalise a man’s flagging sex drive.

Just 30 minutes of gardening, five days a week, is enough to reduce the risk of impotence by around 38 per cent, they found.

 The same study showed other forms of moderate exercise, such as dancing, cycling or jogging, can also act as ‘natural Viagra’.The findings suggest men could also get a benefit to their love lives from regular vigorous housework, window cleaning and shampooing the car.

Men who exercise even more than this can more than halve their risk of being a flop in the bedroom, researchers at the Medical University of Vienna found in their study.

One man in 10 will suffer from impotence, also known as Erectile Dysfunction (ED), at some stage in their life.

Around a third of cases are thought to be linked to psychological problems – such as depression, stress or pressure at work.

However, the remaining 70 per cent are victims of some underlying physical cause such as high blood pressure or diabetes.

Some doctors believe it is an early sign of heart disease as reduced blood flow to the genitals is a sign of clogged arteries.

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