Woman wanted stripper for 100th birthday

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A centenarian-to-be shocked her family when she asked for a male stripper for her 100th birthday.

Clare Ormiston, from Birmingham, wanted more than a card from the Queen to mark her milestone, reports the Daily Mirror.

Her daughter Marguerite said: “We asked mum in June what she wanted for her party. And she came up with a couple of suggestions.

“The first one was actually ‘a seat on the moon’. Seeing as that was pretty impossible I said, ‘What about something else?’ and she said ‘a stripper’.

“I couldn’t believe it. She’s got a wicked sense of humour – I nearly fell off my chair.”

Mrs Ormiston’s wish came true when a male stripper called Scorpion paid her a visit on her 100th birthday.

She and fellow residents at Glenfield Residential Home in Wythall, Birmingham, reportedly lapped up the entertainment.

The birthday girl admitted: “I enjoyed that. It ­definitely put a smile on my face.”

Matron Barbara Hancock said the party was a bit different to the one she had imagined.

“I said to Clare, ‘We’ll have a nice big cake and what about a little classical music quartet?’ When she told us what she wanted we could not believe it,” she said.


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