Rare White Hart Spotted

Devon photographer Ian Crisp captured this extremely rare white red stag in his lens this week, the 30-year-old North Tawton man is afraid the creature might be met by the same fate as the Exmoor Emperor – exclusively revealed by the Western Morning News as Britain’s largest land mammal and later shot, allegedly, by a trophy-hunter.

Suffice to say, this white hart lives in the great triangle of sparsely populated land somewhere between Hatherleigh, northern Dartmoor and the Cornish border.

“I’d like to photograph him again, but I’m going to be careful. I don’t want too many people to know where he is,” said Mr Crisp, who was tipped off about the white stag by a relative.

“It took me half an hour to get there – then I just walked across a field and photographed him.

“He was so docile – he didn’t seem that bothered by me – I could have taken along a lump hammer and hit him on the head with it if I’d wanted to, he was so relaxed.

“I suppose he’s a big boy…

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