Rugby World Cup; Rich and famous flock to final

with Carla having the baby…. the beers & Rugby Final at my place Dave

The rich and the famous are flocking to Auckland to be at the Rugby World Cup final this weekend.

You never now, you might find his Airbus A380 parked up at Auckland Airport. Nice plane, I’m told,” Mr Key said.

If Mr Sarkozy does make it to Auckland he would be hobnobbing with guests including British royals, prime ministers including John Key, Australia’s Julia Gillard, Russia’s Vladimir Putin and possibly Britain’s David Cameron.

Other international stars have already touched down in Auckland – including Prince Albert II of Monaco and his new bride, Princess Charlene, who went to both last week’s semifinals.

It has been reported that beer magnate Charlene de Carvalho-Heinekin arrived last week for the last two weeks of knock-out matches.

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