Marmite and beer inspire new perfume

Marmite perfume /PA

Burton-on-Trent has got its own designer scent which apparently smells of Marmite, leather, pickle and beer.

The city, said to smell of ale from the surrounding hops fields, has inspired the bizarre new perfume called Eau-de-Burton, reports the Daily Telegraph.

Businesswoman Victoria Brookes thinks her new fragrance works perfectly and is selling it for £36.50 in the run up to Christmas.

She said: “Burton is known for its smell but not always in a good way. But the perfume smells really good – I have had lots of compliments from people.

“It is made up of Gourmand, representing Marmite and Branston Pickle, which were invented in Burton.

“It also has leather, representing the boots and footballs used at Burton Albion, and Ambra, inspired by amber nectar, the beer which made Burton famous worldwide.

“I was shocked at how good it was as that is not normally how you make a perfume.”

Ms Brookes owns a bridal shop called Weddings2Go where couples can use her Blue Box perfume service to create their own scent for the big day.

But Victoria has revealed she’s not expecting too many to go for her Eau-de-Burton concoction.

“It’s more of a novelty item for die hard Burtoians who might want to give their loved ones something a bit different in the run up to Christmas,” she said.

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