Meet the dog who has become a member of local pub darts team

Arf, we might trade & upgrade….

dog plays darts

The typical darts player is a middle-aged, overweight man who maybe spends a little too much time in the pub — not that we have a problem with any of that.

But the darts team at The Royds Arms in Rochdale has just added an unlikely new member… an arrow-fetching Border Collie called Jip.

The 18-month-old pooch started off as their canine mascot, but recently got promoted after learning to retrieve darts from the board and return them to players.

This prompted the team — who were glad she was saving them from walking to the board and back — to make her an honorary member of the team.

Now during matches, Jip will leap into the air and pluck darts out of the board, before running back to the players and dropping them at their feet.

Landlord Kenny Hughes, who started off by training Jip to fetch coins, told Rochdale Online: “Jip really is a great asset to the pub and the darts team!

“I’ve spent a lot of time training her to do tricks. I might even take her to the auditions for the next series of Britain’s Got Talent!”

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by Arthur Furrowfield

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