Naked driver in ‘wings of love’ Moscow rampage

A naked driver, flying on “the wings of love”, smashed into 17 cars on a drunken rampage through the streets of Moscow behind the wheel of his car.

The motorist, reportedly frustrated with his girlfriend’s refusal to commit, managed to smashed into 13 civilian cars and four police vehicles.

A police spokesman said the man “was in a state of insobriety behind the wheel of the car” and lost control the RIA Novosti news agency said.

When the man was arrested after a chase, he stepped out of the car clearly drunk and completely naked, the spokesman said.

Russian news agencies did not give the name of the driver.

However, the tabloid website, known for its police connections, said he was Moldovan-born, called Vitaly G, and had recently received Russian citizenship.

“I was flying on the wings of love,” Vitaly G said in a tape of his testimony obtained by the website.

“The day before my loved one said she was no longer ready to have a serious relationship,” he said.

He added that he had gone on the rampage out of frustration as the world seemed to be against him.

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