Corduroy Day – The Most Important Date In History: 111111

The time has come.
The Wales are aligning.
The date which most closely resembles Corduroy, EVER,
is upon us!
Rejoice. Rejoice! Our day has come.

To commemorate this momentous date and honor thy Corduroy, many happenings are occurring. Of foremost importance will be the 6th, perhaps, maybe and probably likely the final Annual Grand 111111 Meeting. As this is surely our Grandest hour this will be our Grandest Meeting and marked by unparalleled grandeur at a location befitting our most glorious fabric. We shall convene at the magnificent Refectory at The Desmond Tutu Center on 10th Avenue in New York, NY. There, these activities will likely occur:

• Dark Secret Rituals (No photography please)
• Presentation of Awards for Exemplary Usage of Corduroy
• Awards for Best Dressed
• A person (to be determined, and of some gravitas) to deliver a keynote address
• Installation of Corduroy Messiah (child – still at large! – that shall turn 11 on 111111)
• Singing, Dancing and Poetry inspired by Corduroy
• An open bar with Beer and Wines
• Additional epic and historic things

“Doors” will open for Meeting check-in at 7:30 pm and the Meeting will commence, promptly, at 8:11 pm. We will (attempt to) adjourn at the most auspicious time of 11:11 pm.

by remora + robin

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