Robuchon a’ Galera Macau by remora + aniie

Despite stiff competition, this remains one of Macau’s most exclusive — and expensive — restaurants, with an elegant decor and a polished staff. Although it seemed odd back in 2001 when renowned French chef Joel Robuchon chose Macau to showcase his talents (he passed over Maxim’s on New York’s Times Square in favor of Macau), the subsequent explosion of resort casinos in this Asian boomtown now makes Robuchon’s choice almost prophetic. Robuchon flies in four times a year to supervise the seasonal menu, which in the past has included such offerings as pan-seared Wagyu beef with cèpes and capers, souffléed potato and baby spinach leaves; or lobster cocotte with black truffle and asparagus. Beautifully presented, main courses sometimes fall short, making them too highly priced for what they are, but other times they’re a foodie’s dream. Appetizers are wonderful; the cheese, dessert, and after-dinner drink trolleys are hard to pass up; and the wine list is probably the best in town. Still, I recommend coming for the more reasonable lunch or spending your money elsewhere, unless, of course, you strike it big at the casino.


by remora+ aniie

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