Putin play Ice Hockey…. and scores

Putin plays ice hockey

Vladimir Putin said that he had encouraged Russia’s biggest oil firm Rosneft to take over the country’s ice hockey club CSKA.

Putin, who will seek his third term as president in the March 2012 poll and is campaigning for his United Russia party ahead of a parliamentary vote on December 4, donned ice-hockey skates to train with former CSKA stars.

Putin said CSKA President Vyacheslav Tikhonov, a veteran Soviet national team coach, had approached him recently asking him to help the club, which has won 32 championships in the 46-year history of the Soviet ice hockey league.

Putin, 59, a black belt in judo, says he wants to promote sport and healthy lifestyles among ordinary Russians and is known for “action man” publicity stunts which have become more frequent in the run-up to the elections.


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