November 22nd is Start Your Own Country Day

November 22nd is Start Your Own Country Day. It was originally conceived in 1939 at the World’s Fair in New York. Its conception was to honor those free spirited souls who dared to hope and believe in a better world where they too could declare any land their own.

The World’s fair celebrated modern technology and when it first opened in April of 1939 the event was dubbed, “Building The World of Tomorrow.” It was an entertainment based answer to the depression that had hit the United States and the rising tension of the upcoming World War II. America needed hope and they found it in the World’s Fair where freedom from bureaucratically idiocy was championed.

Although Start Your Own Country Day was started in jest, it brings up some interesting ideas about just how free the world really is and what it means to declare your independence.

First and foremost, how would any one person or collective group go about declaring independence from their native country and branch out to start a new one? Is it really just that easy? Too bad we can’t ask our American forefathers what it was like to start this country.

The second issue that comes to mind when considering starting a new country is how to obtain the government services that we as Americans receive on a daily basis like police assistance and public utilities. It sounds as if starting a new country requires a collective group of people willing to build it from the ground up including digging sanitation sewers and the like.

by The Parliament of Punjapit

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