American Samoa, the ‘world’s worst football team’ celebrate first ever win

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Good news, American Samoa football fans! For the first time in their long and not-so illustrious history, the ‘world’s worst football team’ has finally won, ending a 16-year, 30-strong string of defeats with a 2-1 victory over Tonga.

Celebrating the World Cup qualifying round win as if they’d actually won the World Cup itself, the American protectorate’s football is still in a jubilant mood, after drawing 1-1 with the Cook Islands. That’s right, two matches undefeated! Get in!

It makes a fantastic change from their infamous defeat at the hands of Australia two years ago, where they were royally thrashed 30-1 by the Aussies.

“Maybe we have a chance to do something special here beyond this one game,” said Coach Thomas Rongen before the 1-1 draw, “but let’s enjoy this one right now.”

“I hope that we can now improve our standing in the FIFA rankings and get into the hundreds,” he added, speaking to American Samoa’s football federation. “We are 204 at the moment and this win will have helped.”

Currently, American Samoa are still joint last at the bottom of FIFA’s international football rankings, but considering the island only has 55,000 inhabitants and all the of the players are amateurs taking time off from work to play, it’s really not that bad. Kind of. Maybe.

“It’s amateur football at its best,” said Rogen. “The game at the highest level can be very cynical, but this is just about 23 guys making sacrifices.”

Their 2-1 win over Tonga

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