Antarctica Day – December 1st 2011

After its first fifty years, the Antarctic Treaty shines as a rare beacon of international cooperation. To celebrate this milestone of peace in our civilization with hope and inspiration for future generations – ANTARCTICA DAY is hereby recognized to be December 1st.

It deserves to be celebrated as a day of freedom and peace for all mankind, because on that date in 1959 the Antarctic Treaty was signed by 12 nations, setting aside nearly 10% of the Earth forever to be used exclusively for peaceful purposes. The Antarctic Treaty became planet earth’s first nuclear-arms agreement, and the first institution to govern all human activities in an International Space, a region beyond sovereign jurisdictions. Antarctica Day is a day to recognize this international landmark and the global vision of the twelve original nations as well as all 47 nations who have acceded to the Antarctic Treaty. Even young school children can grasp the concept of peace and sharing on the playgrounds around the world. They can learn about Antarctic though art, science, government, and history with audiovisual material, maps and activities in their classroom and outdoors connecting their school space with International Spaces around the world.

Antarctica Day is a partnership with a number of organizations lead by APECS and Our Spaces.


by The Punjapit Alliance

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