Goldman Sex Condoms

Joe Nelson has just swapped the banking business for the bonking business. The 30-year-old trader ended a nine-year stint at Goldman Sachs in October to strike out on his own – this week launching the world’s first custom-fit condoms, TheyFit.

Offering 95 sizes, the company has tried to eradicate male sensitivity over measurements by giving each girth a random code. Men can use the “FitKit” chart to determine their perfect penile pouch.

“The more sizes you have, the more choice men have and the more comfortable it is going to be,” says Nelson. At £6.99 for six from the online store, they are not a wildly extravagant purchase. But if made-to-measure condoms still sound an unnecessary invention, Nelson is keen to persuade otherwise: “The main problem with condoms today is non-use. They are a crucial way of stopping the spread of STDs, but men don’t like them. The problem? They don’t fit.”

He points to research which shows that badly fitting condoms raise the risk of infection and pregnancy: “Condoms are just like shoes – if I give you the wrong size, they won’t be comfortable.” But doesn’t latex stretch? “We have been told latex fits everyone – but it doesn’t work for about half of men. If the condom is too big, it can fall off. For the larger guy, it can be painfully tight, like a rubber band around the wrist.Technically, a condom will fit over my head – but that doesn’t mean it’ll be comfortable.” Then he plays his trump card: “A better fit means better sex.”


by Arthur Furrowfield + Dr.Vince

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