Grandpa Leaves “The Handbrake” on Railway Tracks

When 77-year-old Josef K. had to pull over in his car to make a toilet stop, he forgot one vital thing, the “handbrake”. On returning to his car he found the car sitting on a railway line with his 74-year-old wife still in it.

The pair were travelling to Ohlsdorf in Austria when Josef K. stopped to go to the toilet in the nearby bushes. After forgetting to put on the handbrake however he watched in horror as his new Mercedes C-Class began to roll away with his wife, Katharina, still in it.

The 77-year-old pensioner attempted to run after the vehicle but fell before the car eventually came to a standstill having rolled 50 metres. The car however came to a stop in the middle of a railway track.

The ÖBB were immediately notified about the car and any further accidents prevented. Josef K. suffered a head injury during the incident and his wife serious shock but their brand new car was saved by emergency services.



by Arthur Furrowfield + Dr.Vince

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