Hiring Strippers in China Is Cause for Alarm and…Arrest!


China is a nation where “taking it all off” is an action that is taken seriously, and yet at the same hypocritical time, is, traditionally, vicariously enjoyed.

This is no more clearly evidenced than by the following news story.

Villagers from Xuzhou, in eastern Jiangsu Province, mobbed a performance of strippers at a local wedding, causing such a commotion that police were drawn to the scene.

They arrested Zhang Cheng, who had hired performers offering “special features” for his son’s wedding.

The strippers hadn’t performed for five minutes before the wedding venue was swamped with hundreds of supposedly conservative villagers seeking a forbidden peek at the voluptuous dancers.

Chinese police arrested Zhang Cheng, but no one will say under what charges.

Zhang told police that he originally thought to hire a band to celebrate his son’s nuptials and that his choice of hiring strippers would be appropriate and make the event more memorable.

It looks asif he was right about that, even if he has to discuss the matter from behind bars at the local jail.


by The Punjapit Alliance

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