Get that Arthur Furrowfield look while speeding down the slopes with the Beardski. Available in a variety of styles, each of these insulated ski masks features a foot-long synthetic beard attached to the front, as well as neoprene lining and woven thermal fleece to keep warm — in case the beard wasn’t doing a good enough job already.

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Meet Britain’s best-dressed dog! Rocky

He has more designer outfits than the average woman and sulks unless he changes at least three times a day.

Known as Britain’s best-dressed pooch, meet two-year-old diva dog Rocky, who has an extensive wardrobe of 1,500 outfits worth a staggering £2,500.

His devoted owner Lynsey Noble, 26, spends more on his clothes every year than the average British woman spends on herself and even wheels her pampered pooch around in a designer baby buggy.


Up to ten times a day Rocky rotates through his 1,500 designer outfits including fancy dress costumes of an elephant, dinosaur, panda, bumble bee, zebra, Superman, and his favourite – a ‘hot dog’.

And no style icon would be complete without their fashion staples, which for Rocky includes 15 t-shirts, three tracksuits, six hoodies, four coats and three body-warmers.

Rocky’s sharp sense of style is so great his owner’s boyfriend Daniel Judge, 27, a metal worker, now sees him as a rival for Lynsey’s affections.

Incognito: Although Rocky is in a camouflage the pampered pooch is still very noticeable in his designer gear

Rocky turns his nose up at other food
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Mystery Blue Balls Of Jelly Rain From Dorset Skies

A 61-year-old man was forced to run for cover when the heavens opened and blue jelly-like balls began falling from the skies.

Steve Hornsby told The Sun the sky turned a strange yellow colour before the slippery, transparent balls began raining down.

He said: “There was… a short, sharp hail storm that lasted for about 20 seconds.

“I had seen the hail come down and it looked like rock salt. But then I spotted something on the lawn and it looked like broken glass and I thought it must be the kids.

“But then I put my foot on it and it disappeared and I thought it was strange.”

Mr Hornsby believes the strange spheres may be some sort of pollution that was blown across the continent, but the Met Office says the substance is “not meterological”, the Daily Mail reported.

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Sex shop saves customers’ blushes

Sex shop /PA

A Hertfordshire sex shop has installed a secluded side entrance to save punters being subjected to loud cheers from a nearby pub.

The adult shop in Apsley made the adjustment because of the ribald jeers customers received from the The Bull pub opposite.

Customers were often shocked and embarrassed as pub customers issued a loud “wa-hey!”, reports the Daily Telegraph.

Landlady Nicola Green, 47, said: “As soon as you open that door it goes ‘ding!’ When that bell goes people in here cheer, so the shop moved the entrance round the side.

“Most of our customers are builders and you know what they are like. So they did the sensible thing in the end.

“The lads in here are only having a bit of fun but at least this way it saves their blushes.”

The Private Shop has been open for around 20 years but bosses admitted “banter” from the pub meant they had to put in the side door.

Customers can still use the front door but most choose the side door which has no bell and a wooden screen around it.

David Brunt, a spokesman for the shop’s owners, said: “In the summer when there are people outside, they do tend to make comments about people. It’s ribaldry, it’s light-hearted banter.”

One 46-year-old customer of the shop, who did not wish to be named, said: “It was all a bit of fun, but it was terribly embarrassing.”

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Vous trouverez ci-jointes des informations concernant la nouvelle exposition de l’Immix Galerie du 3 au 29 février : Net / Pas Net.

Anne Horel, Jean-Christian Bourcart, Bernard Demenge, Wang Taoran & Wenwen Wu : 4 artistes qui utilisent les propriétés du web et de la navigation en réseau pour créer leurs propres oeuvres.

En espérant que vous vous en ferez prochainement l’écho, nous serons heureux de vous accueillir et de vous présenter les artistes lors du vernissage le 2 février à partir de 19h30.

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Boris Lookalike chased by Chic-ken Livingstone

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We want Beer!

Though culminating on January 16, 1920, National Prohibition was not, by any means, a 20th-century invention. Efforts to curb, if not eliminate, the national thirst for alcoholic beverages are nearly as old as America itself. Most of the earliest temperance initiatives were born of religious circles, the salvation of the individual drinker being at the heart of their objective. By the early 1800s, however, a more organized approach had emerged. Temperance societies sprang up in virtually every city in America, and their collective enrollment reached more than 1 million members by 1840.

A group known as The Washingtonians gained particular notoriety. The organization’s strength lay in the fact that its membership was composed entirely of “reformed drunkards,” thus adding a certain potency to its admonitions against drink. Ironically, few found any significance in the well-known truth that the club’s namesake, old George Washington himself, was a homebrewer and a lover of good porter.

Indeed, throughout the 18th and 19th centuries, the beer drinker was not a priority target of the temperance crusade. Rather, most of the crusaders saw whiskey and other distilled spirits as the primary menace. Many activists even pointed to beer as a possible solution to “the drink problem,” as they called it. In 1784, when Dr. Benjamin Rush published An Inquiry into the Effects of Spirituous Liquors upon the Human Body and Mind, he preached that, while distilled spirits were a sure path to self-destruction, the daily consumption of beer promoted good health and nutrition.


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Agnes Vong biography

Agnes VONG was born in Macao. She received her BA in English communications and MA in creative writing from the University of Macau. Her collaborative volume (with Christopher Kelen) of translations and responses to Xin Qiji, Spring Wind Brings the Fireworks, was published by Virtual Artists Collective in the U.S. in 2007. A co-editor of the anthology, I roll the dice: Contemporary Macao poetry (2008), Vong also published her first book of verse, Glitter on the sketch in 2008. She was a journalist writing articles in English at a Portuguese newspaper based in Macao before she began working in a government research centre.


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Gifts for Tet Festival

Vietnamese New Year is the most important Festival of the Vietnamese people. When Spring arrives, all Vietnamese are thrilled by the advent of Tet. Wherever they may be, they feel an immense nostalgia, wishing to come back to their homeland for a family reunion and a taste of the particular flavors of the Vietnamese festivities.

This sacred Festival occurs sometime between late January or early February, depending on Lunar Calendar. Although officially a three-day affair, festivities may continue for a week or more with every effort made to indulge in eating, drinking, and enjoyable social activities. It is also a time for family reunions, and for paying respect to ancestors and the elders. Gifts of food are made to friends, neighbors and relatives in the days before Tet.

Above all, the Tet of the New Year is a time for meeting. It is an opportunity for the household genies to meet, those who have helped during the year, namely the Craft Creator, the Land Genie and the Kitchen God. Tet is also an opportunity to invite and welcome deceased ancestors back for a family reunion with their descendants to join the family’s Tet celebrations. Finally, Tet is a good opportunity for family members to meet. This custom has become sacred and secular and, therefore, no matter where they are or whatever the circumstances, family members find ways to come back to meet their loved ones, gather for a dinner of traditional foods like bánh chung (a square cake made of sticky rice stuffed with beans and pork), mang (a soup of boiled bamboo shoots and flied pork) and xôi g?c (orange sticky rice). This is followed by a visit to the local pagodas.


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Six new breeds to debut at Westminster Dog Show

NEW YORK (Reuters) – Six new breeds of dogs, including Mexico’s hairless Xoloitzcuintli, the Finnish Lapphund and the Norwegian Lundehund, will be competing in the 2012 Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show next month.

They will join other newcomers, the Cesky Terrier, the American English Coonhound and the Entlebucher Mountain Dog, along with 179 other breeds and varieties vying to be named Best in Show on Feb 14 at the annual New York event that started in 1877 with 1,201 dogs.

This year’s entries for the 136th show will be limited to 2,000 dogs.

“We will have at least two dogs in every breed, including the new ones,” said David Frei, the Westminster Kennel Club’s director of communications and USA Network host.

“New breed is a little bit of a misnomer because a lot of these breeds have been around for hundreds, or even thousands of years in some of the cases,” he told Reuters.

Before being included in the show, the breed must meet American Kennel Club (AKC) rules including having sufficient numbers in the United States, a certain geographical distribution and a parent club that makes sure they are following responsible breeding practices and meet certain characteristics.

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