Fitness fanatic, 94, posts work-out video

Arthur, we need to start some sort of exercise this year…..

A 94-year-old pensioner has become an unlikely inspiration to New Year dieters – by posting his gruelling work-out videos online.

Stanley Thomas, of Cardiff, regularly pumps iron for 50 minutes, blitzes the punchbag and then sweats it off in a sauna.

The grandfather-of-eight, who filmed his bi-weekly workout after friends encouraged him to do it to celebrate his last birthday, said: “I have always been fanatic about fitness.”

He extended his home to install a well equipped gym featuring a treadmill, crosstrainer, exercise bike, speedball, exercise bench, wall bars, free weights, punchbag and rowing machine.

“I come down here and do 50 minutes non-stop,” he said. “When I have finished, I have a sauna. I spend about 10 minutes in there perspiring it out. Then I have a shower and then I have a jacuzzi.”

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