The Director of Bed Bouncing

a regularly moisturised ass

Natalie Thomas, Premier Inn’s Director of Bed Bouncing, is having her prime asset insured for a whopping £4 million apparently.

Natalie, who comes from (you’ve guessed it) Bedfordshire, tests about 24 beds a day with her lump-detecting bottom, to ensure that Premier Inn live up to their ’Good Night Guarantee’ – if you’re not 100% satisfied with your stay you get a full refund. It’s one reason why Premier Inn these days is more a mid-range hotel company rather than a pure budget one, despite its ongoing London expansion race with budget group Travelodge.

Appointed DOBB due to her unique ability to feel even the smallest bump in a mattress, Natalie and her team of ‘bouncers’ spend about 20 minutes checking each bed for lumps, bumps and rips. Bouncing for 8 hours a day in a bid to test all the chain’s 46,000 beds, it’s no wonder Natalie has to take special care of her derriere by regularly moisturising and avoiding denim!


by Dr.Vince + Arthur Furrowfield

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