Extreme Japanese Censorship: Manga Comics and Homosexuality?

Japanese Manga censors have always collided with the public perception of artistic expression.

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The issue usually concerns “Loli Manga,” the adorable childlike characters that are depicted in potentially erotic situations.

That’s one thing, perhaps, but it’s quite another to claim that sexually aggressive women turn children who read about them into homosexuals and lesbians.

Part of the problem with the censorship law that went into effect in 2010 is the fact that it is very vaguely worded. It permits censorship of any media that “promotes illegal or immoral sexual activity.”

Censors can interpret those parameters any way they see fit, imposing their own standards onto a medium considered by many to be art.

Of course, the definition of “art” is subject to interpretation as well, and not every Japanese parent may consider beautiful gay boys engaging in erotic situations suitable reading material for their children.

For years, Japanese censors have tolerated manga comic books and animated movies.

Japanese comics are read by adults as well as children and have seeped into pop culture. Fetishes, violent sex, incest and so-called Lolita-porn, or erotic drawings of female childlike characters are common themes, but these comics are also more sophisticated than others of their ilk.


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