Japan v’s Crocs

Considered by many to be one of the worst fashion trends in decades both from the point of view of safety and appearance, the Trade Ministry of Japan has instructed the maker of Crocs to redesign the shoes…or else.

crocs Japan Battles with Footwear Company picture

Despite the more than 3.9 million pairs of Crocs sold in Japan in the last few years, the Trade Ministry had no choice but to respond to the more than 65 complaints made to their office, many concerning the shoes getting stuck in escalators, and some involving children who were injured.

Of course, this decision initially had its economic repercussions. More than 700 employees lost their jobs as one factory closed down.

It is an odd phenomenon, indeed, as most agree that Crocs are unattractive, somewhat expensive, and dangerous to boot.

So can anyone explain why people still clamor for them?


by A + E

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