Mystery Blue Balls Of Jelly Rain From Dorset Skies

A 61-year-old man was forced to run for cover when the heavens opened and blue jelly-like balls began falling from the skies.

Steve Hornsby told The Sun the sky turned a strange yellow colour before the slippery, transparent balls began raining down.

He said: “There was… a short, sharp hail storm that lasted for about 20 seconds.

“I had seen the hail come down and it looked like rock salt. But then I spotted something on the lawn and it looked like broken glass and I thought it must be the kids.

“But then I put my foot on it and it disappeared and I thought it was strange.”

Mr Hornsby believes the strange spheres may be some sort of pollution that was blown across the continent, but the Met Office says the substance is “not meterological”, the Daily Mail reported.

by The Punjapit Alliance

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