Meet Britain’s best-dressed dog! Rocky

He has more designer outfits than the average woman and sulks unless he changes at least three times a day.

Known as Britain’s best-dressed pooch, meet two-year-old diva dog Rocky, who has an extensive wardrobe of 1,500 outfits worth a staggering £2,500.

His devoted owner Lynsey Noble, 26, spends more on his clothes every year than the average British woman spends on herself and even wheels her pampered pooch around in a designer baby buggy.


Up to ten times a day Rocky rotates through his 1,500 designer outfits including fancy dress costumes of an elephant, dinosaur, panda, bumble bee, zebra, Superman, and his favourite – a ‘hot dog’.

And no style icon would be complete without their fashion staples, which for Rocky includes 15 t-shirts, three tracksuits, six hoodies, four coats and three body-warmers.

Rocky’s sharp sense of style is so great his owner’s boyfriend Daniel Judge, 27, a metal worker, now sees him as a rival for Lynsey’s affections.

Incognito: Although Rocky is in a camouflage the pampered pooch is still very noticeable in his designer gear

Rocky turns his nose up at other food
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