Sex shop saves customers’ blushes

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A Hertfordshire sex shop has installed a secluded side entrance to save punters being subjected to loud cheers from a nearby pub.

The adult shop in Apsley made the adjustment because of the ribald jeers customers received from the The Bull pub opposite.

Customers were often shocked and embarrassed as pub customers issued a loud “wa-hey!”, reports the Daily Telegraph.

Landlady Nicola Green, 47, said: “As soon as you open that door it goes ‘ding!’ When that bell goes people in here cheer, so the shop moved the entrance round the side.

“Most of our customers are builders and you know what they are like. So they did the sensible thing in the end.

“The lads in here are only having a bit of fun but at least this way it saves their blushes.”

The Private Shop has been open for around 20 years but bosses admitted “banter” from the pub meant they had to put in the side door.

Customers can still use the front door but most choose the side door which has no bell and a wooden screen around it.

David Brunt, a spokesman for the shop’s owners, said: “In the summer when there are people outside, they do tend to make comments about people. It’s ribaldry, it’s light-hearted banter.”

One 46-year-old customer of the shop, who did not wish to be named, said: “It was all a bit of fun, but it was terribly embarrassing.”

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