January 27th 2012: Debussy at 150

On the occasion of the 150th anniversary of Claude Debussy’s birth, the City of Music presents a festival centred on his work. Beyond his music, the spirit of this artist will be retransmitted not only by performing a part of his work, but also pieces by Boulez, Bartok, Alain Louvier and Tôn-Thât Tiêt.

An avant-gardist, this French composer revolutionized the history of contemporary music by modernizing the already existing forms of the classic one. The Sea, The Martyrdom of Saint Sebastian, or The Centuries will be thus played by great performers like the Intercontemporary Ensemble, the orchestra of the CNSMD (National Superior Conservatory of Paris for Music and Dance) of Paris, the Brussels Philharmonic and the symphonic chorus Octopus, among others. In addition to the concerts, a round table will be also proposed, centred on the theme “Debussy, poet of modernity“.

via: http://www.new-paris-ile-de-france.co.uk/events-paris/shows/festivals/the-debussy-spirit-285759.html

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Newt promises Lunar Golf Course

Former speaker Newt Gingrich says he took up golf after leaving the House of Representatives in 1999

Efforts are underway by some private firms to develop the moon. Among the corporations that have launched studies are two large Japanese companies, Shimizu Construction and Nishimatsu Construction. Shimizu has been studying plans for lunar tennis courts and golf courses, while Nishimatsu has proposed building a 10-story-high resort.

Two other non-profit entities are also advocating lunar development. The Moon Society, an organization of astronomers, computer programmers and scientists, is pushing for “larger-scale industrialization and private enterprise” on the moon, according to the Wall Street Journal. The Universal Lunarian Society wants to build the city of Lunaria on the moon. The society has been recording claim deeds on the lunar surface since 1989. Five years ago, it began offering sites in the lunar crater of Copernicus for $50 an acre.

Among those opposing development on the moon is Rick Steiner, a fisheries professor at the University of Alaska. Steiner has proposed that the United Nations designate the moon as one of its World Heritage Sites, thus preserving Earth’s only satellite for peaceful and scientific purposes. Steiner presented his proposal at the International Space Development Conference, in Denver, in late-May 2002. Before the conference, Steiner told the Wall Street Journal, “The bottom line here is: Let’s go and explore our universe, but let’s not go as Genghis Khan. Let’s go as Mother Teresa.”

Not so surprisingly, given the diminishing land availability on Earth, many conference attendees favor developing the moon. The pro-development “moonies” also question how Steiner can invoke United Nations’ protection measures of the moon, when the 1973 World Heritage Convention signed by the U.S. and other countries specifically calls for protecting sites on Earth. Others are less disdainful of Steiner’s purist approach, saying that such worthy projects as a solar-power plant could help fuel earthly activities while helping the environment on the home planet.

Full Article: http://www.cybergolf.com/golf_news/golf_on_the_moon

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Japan v’s Crocs

Considered by many to be one of the worst fashion trends in decades both from the point of view of safety and appearance, the Trade Ministry of Japan has instructed the maker of Crocs to redesign the shoes…or else.

crocs Japan Battles with Footwear Company picture

Despite the more than 3.9 million pairs of Crocs sold in Japan in the last few years, the Trade Ministry had no choice but to respond to the more than 65 complaints made to their office, many concerning the shoes getting stuck in escalators, and some involving children who were injured.

Of course, this decision initially had its economic repercussions. More than 700 employees lost their jobs as one factory closed down.

It is an odd phenomenon, indeed, as most agree that Crocs are unattractive, somewhat expensive, and dangerous to boot.

So can anyone explain why people still clamor for them?


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Poles apart in mayoral race

Two porn stars are going head to head in a public pole dancing contest – in their battle to become mayor of an Italian town.

Amandha Fox and Luana Borgia are both vying to win town hall elections to become the civic leader in Tranto.

The stars’ backers are organising a pole dancing night next month where local voters see just what both girls have to offer.

“We want to be fair so we would like to invite any other candidate to come along and dance too,” agent Mimmo Pavese told local media

Miss Fox, who has her own erotic calendar, added: “I want voters to see the real me.”


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Woman ‘Stuck’ On Toilet Seat For Over 2 Years Finally Leaves Porcelain Throne

902 days. Two-and-half-years. No matter how you cut it, that’s a really long time to sit on the toilet.

But that’s just what Chinese housewife Mee Yan Leong has done, finally leaving the lavatory in her Singapore home after remaining ‘stuck’ there, naked, since 25 March 2009, reports The Daily Mail.

Claiming that she “felt a force holding me down”, Leong only spoke to her husband, Kian Ann Ong, throughout the experience, according to Asia One.

She also told hospital staff she was scared of leaving the loo in case neighbours sprayed water at her or threw stones.

Only leaving her seat 18 times to shower, after almost 1000 days her husband finally gave in, calling up the emergency services before she was forcibly removed from the bathroom.

“They had to come into my flat, hold her down, then wrap her in a towel before using a wheelchair to take her to the hospital,” said Kian.

Mee Yan Leong is now receiving treatment in a nearby mental institute.


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Mass pillow fight combats stress

Nearly 1,000 stressed young office workers and students joined a mass pillow fight in China.

They were handed pillows at the door and wrote on them the names of their bosses, teachers, exam subjects or whatever was stressing them out.

It was the fifth time the annual event has been held in Shanghai and it now so popular that there are plans to stage it in other cities.


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Extreme Japanese Censorship: Manga Comics and Homosexuality?

Japanese Manga censors have always collided with the public perception of artistic expression.

censor2 Extreme Japanese Censorship: Manga Comics and Homosexuality? picture

The issue usually concerns “Loli Manga,” the adorable childlike characters that are depicted in potentially erotic situations.

That’s one thing, perhaps, but it’s quite another to claim that sexually aggressive women turn children who read about them into homosexuals and lesbians.

Part of the problem with the censorship law that went into effect in 2010 is the fact that it is very vaguely worded. It permits censorship of any media that “promotes illegal or immoral sexual activity.”

Censors can interpret those parameters any way they see fit, imposing their own standards onto a medium considered by many to be art.

Of course, the definition of “art” is subject to interpretation as well, and not every Japanese parent may consider beautiful gay boys engaging in erotic situations suitable reading material for their children.

For years, Japanese censors have tolerated manga comic books and animated movies.

Japanese comics are read by adults as well as children and have seeped into pop culture. Fetishes, violent sex, incest and so-called Lolita-porn, or erotic drawings of female childlike characters are common themes, but these comics are also more sophisticated than others of their ilk.


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Canned Beers Notch Up First Half Century

IN DECEMBER 1935,  a small Welsh  brewery started to sell  its beer in a new  type of container.  Many  were sceptical  about this new  form  of  packaging, claiming that it was a novelty and would never be an alternative to the bottle.

But this month the British beer can is 50 years old.

The origins of the beer can can be traced back to 1909, when a brewery in the USA approached American Can Co to see if it could supply cans for the packaging of beer. It could not  its attempts to produce a can were unsuccessful.

In 1931, anticipating the end of Prohibition, American Can  again began  to  experiment  with  canned  beer. Most cans at that time only needed to withstand a pressure of 2535 lb per square inch,  but beer needed a container that would withstand in excess of 80 Ib per square inch, otherwise there  would be a major problem with cans bursting along the welded seam.

After  two   years of  research, American Can had overcome  the problems of pressure and had developed a coating for the inside of the can to stop the beer reacting with the tinplate. The company now had to sell the idea to the breweries.

This was not easy, the big breweries did not want to risk their reputations on such a radical innovation.

One of the smaller breweries that American Can approached was the Gottfried Krueger Brewery of Newark, New Jersey.

A test run of 2,000 cans was produced in 1933 and these were sampled by regular Krueger drinkers. The results were positive, 91 per cent of them liked the can. It was not until Jan 24, 1935, that the first beer cans went on sale to the general public when Krueger’s Finest Beer went on sale in Richmond, Virginia.

By the end of 1935, no less than 37 US breweries were producing canned beer.


by Arthur Furrowfield

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Bloomin’ Hell…..Gardener says Viagra perks up plants


Gardener says Viagra perks up plants

Viagra /Rex

A TV gardener has shared his tip for keeping flowers perky – feeding them a tiny dose of Viagra.

David Domoney says one milligram of the blue pill gives drooping blooms a lift and extends their life.

“Drop in a standard Viagra tablet… it stiffens up your blooms a treat,” he advised on his website.

The flowers need just one milligram of a standard 50 milligram tablet to regain their vigor, the gardener said.

Viagra contains nitric oxide, a hormone released by humans that enables blood vessels to relax and increases blood flow to the penis. Plants also give off nitric oxide to turn on their immune system.

Australian scientists first discovered Viagra’s potential in the plant industry and their research was published in the British Medical Journal.


by Arthur Furrowfield

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Bar serves drinks on toy train set

we need this to helps us on Friday night….

A Czech bar has replaced waiters and waitresses – with a model railway.

The Vytopna Restaurant in Prague has installed a huge £500,000 model railway.

It delivers drinks from the bar to customer’s tables and has proved popular with punters.

The 1,300ft rail system features tiny tunnels, towns and forests.


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